Customizr WordPress theme v3.1.24 is live

Customizr WordPress theme v3.1.24 is live

Changelog :

= 3.1.24 Septembre 21st 2014 =
* fixed : (php, class-fire-init.php#393 ) check if defined( ‘WPLANG’). WPLANG has to be defined in wp-config.php, but it might not be defined sometimes.
* fixed : (php, class-content-slider.php) the slider loader block has been taken out of the carousel inner wrapper. Fixes the issue reported here : The slider loader is diplayed by default for the demo slider.
* added : (php, class-fire-init.php) new option in Customizer > Images => checkbox to display a gif loader on slides setup. Default == false.
* added : (php, class-content-post_navigation.php) 4 new filters to get control on all the options of the single and archive post navigation links : tc_previous_single_post_link_args, tc_next_single_post_link_args, tc_next_posts_link_args, tc_previous_posts_link_args
* improved : (php, class-fire-utils.php#315 ) cleaner code for the fancybox filter on ‘the_content’
* improved : (php, class-fire-ressources.php) performance : holder.min.js is now loaded when featured pages are enabled AND FP are set to show images

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