Release note for Hueman v3.3.10

Dear Hueman theme users,

The new release of the Hueman theme includes improvements and new options for the header menus, and fixes minor bugs reported in the forum. You’ll find a detailed changelog at the bottom of this post.

Version 3.3.10 is safe for child theme users, but some templates have been modified ( see the specific chapter about this below ).


Enhanced menu options

Since the last update, many users have been requesting an option to make the menu permanently visible on scroll. This has been added in the customizer Header options.

The search field can now be displayed in all menus, including the header menu.


Hueman Pro has been released

After many weeks of tests, I’m really thrilled to present the Hueman Pro theme. You can review all new features on the Hueman Pro page, and see it live on the demo site.

The release of Hueman Pro is the beginning of a new exciting story, and is a really good news for the Hueman themes, free and pro.

WordPress is being continuously improved ( an average of 3 major updates per year ). Mobile devices and Web browsers are also evolving very fast. That’s why having a premium version of the theme is a guarantee for our users that Hueman free and pro will always be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, and compliant with the latest web technologies and devices. The Hueman Pro theme will allow us to keep improving and innovating for both Hueman free and pro, and provide our users with the best possible design for their sites.

There are many features to come. We are currently finalizing a lightweight page content builder that will be included in the Hueman Pro theme next month ( June 2017 ). I’ll publish more informations about this in the coming weeks.

If you feel like upgrading to Hueman Pro, you can enjoy a special launch price until May 10th 2017.




Upgrading to Hueman Pro will preserve all your existing Hueman free settings and customizations (it will also preserve your Hueman addons settings). To get started, you will simply need to upload the Hueman Pro theme in Appearance > themes and activate it. You’ll find a detailed getting started guide here.

One of the interesting features of Hueman Pro is the header slider builder. We have made it very easy to turn your post titles into a large background header using the post thumbnail as default image. You’ll find more details about the header slider builder on the Hueman Pro page and in the specific documentation.


Go Pro section in the customizer

In Hueman, you will notice a new section in the customizer with a link to Hueman Pro.


Child theme users  : the following templates have been modified

It is recommended to always keep your overriden templates up to date. You can check the diff report on github to understand what has been modified.

  • parts/header-main.php
  • parts/header-nav-main.php
  • parts/header-nav-topbar.php
  • parts/post-formats.php
  • parts/post-list-articles.php



  • fixed : blog description rendering and blogdescription partial refresh fixes #450
  • fixed : hu_get_search_title printing icons fixes #456
  • fixed : fix IE11 js compatibility fixes #435
  • fixed : Sticky sidebar, disabling on mobile should be consistent with wp_is_mobile()
  • fixed : header title or logo is not anymore wrapped in a h1 tag
  • added : desktop menus search field options. Users can now add the search field in top menu or in the header menu. Implemented for desktop and mobile devices.
  • added : hu_get_id() utility
  • added : implemented a better sticky menu options. Users can now choose between : don’t show on scroll, always visible, reveal on scroll up. Implemented for desktop and mobile devices.
  • improved : front end javascript framework performances
  • improved : sidebars are not sticky by default
  • improved : style.css comments

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