Release note for Customizr Pro v1.3.6 and Customizr free v3.5.12 4

Dear Customizr themes users,

This is a simple new release fixing minor problems reported in the pro support and the forums. It addresses in particular an error occuring when the Chinese translation is enabled.

Those new release for Customizr Pro and Customizr Free are safe for child theme users.


= Changelog =

  • Fix: use wp_sprintf to avoid Warning sprintf(): Too few arguments. Fixes #875
  • Fix: fix header layout center – menu position deps in the customizer. Fixes #879
  • Fix: fix select2.js compatibility issue in woocommerce custom post-types admin

4 thoughts on “Release note for Customizr Pro v1.3.6 and Customizr free v3.5.12

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    Can you check why this code wont work on a page with id 55? I am using this in a child theme in functions.php.


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    Can you see why the featured block wont work on a blank page with 55 for the below written code? I am using child theme and adding this in function.php

    add_action ( ‘wp’ , ‘add_my_fp’);
    function add_my_fp(){
    if (is_page( 55 )){
    add_action (‘__after_main_wrapper’, array(CZR_featured_pages::$instance , ‘czr_fn_fp_block_display’),10);

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    Hi Nicolas & Menaka
    Thank you for the updates (For ref, I’m using Customizr 3.5.12 & PHP 5.6.29).

    I’ve successfully used several snippets that I’ve copied from your notes here on this site in my child theme ( However they haven’t been working since a few updates.

    What I’ve done so far, which didn’t solve the problem:
    -I’ve been reading through all the documentation on your site here & in the forums
    – I deactivated all my plugins to test if any were causing a conflict

    An example of the CSS snippets that are no longer working is adding the search form to the menu, as set out here:

    Also, in PHP, can I check is the footer credit class now



    I hope you can help, many thanks

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    David Balber

    i love the theme…totally awesome! my only question is this: is it possible to make pages and posts go full width as does the landing page? i just bought a widescreen monitor so i never noticed this before. when i pull up a page on my website it still acts like it is on a square monitor for some reason?

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