Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.6 and Customizr free v4.0.6

Dear Customizr themes users,

This new release fixes some minor problems for Customizr free and Pro, reported by our wonderful users in the forum and the pro support desk.

This version of the Customizr Pro theme introduces the Infinite Scroll feature. It allows you to make lighter and faster webpages for desktop or mobile devices, in which your list of posts are nicely loaded when scrolling down, just like on a Facebook wall. This will greatly improve your users experience, and the speed performances of your pages, in particular on smartphones.

You can enable it from the live customizer panel in Content > Post lists > Infinite Scroll

The Infinite Scroll feature has been carefully and specifically designed for the Customizr Pro theme, and works with any type of grids : classic, masonry, alternate thumbnail…

You can see it in action right now in the Customizr demo website. I really hope you will enjoy it 🙂


We’ve also worked on other nice little things :

  • the full page search can now be dismissed by hitting the escape key of your keyboard.
  • the design of the forms has been improved, this includes the WooCommerce checkout page


Complete changelog

= 2.0.6 August 31st 2017 =

  • Added : [Pro] Infinite Scroll option for home, categories and search results
  • Fix: add menu btn was not shown when secondary menu associated but no sidenav shown. fixes #1125
  • Fix: fix singular thumbnail vertical spacing. fixes #1127
  • Fix: fix tagline cut off. fixes #1128
  • Fix: fp imgs always centered, fix handling slider not js centered
  • Fix: js-centering class to the classical grid figure to better target them in js
  • Fix: fix author meta displaying nicename instead of displayname. fixes #1148
  • Imp: allow search full page close on escape key pressed
  • Imp: implement new form style. fixes #1122
  • Imp: add entry-media__holder class to the grid figure (homogeneity)

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