Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.7 and Customizr Free v4.0.7 5

Dear Customizr themes users, this is a minor update, safe for child theme users.


  • Fix: menu centered wrongly displayed in ie/edge. Fixes #1163
  • Fix: Menu centered in desktop => scrolling up and down close to top is not well handled. Fixes #1161
  • Fix: RTL : search icon not properly left aligned on full screen search. Fixes #1159
  • Imp: Submenus items on mouse hover – reveal faster. Fixes #1154

5 thoughts on “Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.7 and Customizr Free v4.0.7

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    Eric Sturgeon

    I love the look of the modern style but the custom CSS to set the width of the header and footer at 1170px only works on the classic theme. My header gets really stretched out on my 2560×1440 monitor at 100% width. Could you share what CSS to enter to set the width in the modern theme?


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    Aoron Ryan

    Modern theme style still not fixed. It is not responsive in all mobile devices.
    I love that style. Why don’t update that. Customizr will be very more popular after that.

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      Hi, Thanks for reporting the problem.
      Can you provide more details on how to reproduce the responsive problem ? For example on the demo website ?
      Thanks for any hint 🙂

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        Aoron Ryan

        As an Example my website I have tried to switch to modern theme style on that website.

        I just simply switched to modern theme style, and after that, this problem occur instantly. Post author, suggested post and comment section creates and go to middle colmun and I can see total 3 column in mobile.

        My mobile is samsung galaxy (4.5 inch display).
        If you want i can again switch to modern style. But not for very long. Because it destroys user experience.
        Just let me know when to when i have to do it. My email is

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