Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.13+

Dear Customizr Pro theme user,

New features have been added :

  • A script editor in the customizer > advanced panel > additional scripts. Can be typically used to add Google Analytics code or any custom scripts or stylesheets.
  • A carousel for gallery post formats. Any post set to the Gallery post format, will display the embedded gallery as a carousel in lists of posts : masonry and alternate thumbnails type. You can see  it live here and here.
  • A sidebar layout option for attachments just like for posts and pages.
  • A new option to control the visibility of the slider navigation bullets. Implement #1207.

If you are using a cache plugin like Total Cache, or Super Cache, make sure you clear your cache after the theme update.

This release is compatible with the next version 4.9 of WordPress that will be released in early November 2017.



Read the full changelog here.

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