Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.20 and Hueman free v3.3.21 26

Dear Hueman themes users,

This new release fixes various bugs reported in the support forum. It is safe for child theme users.

A new option has been added in the customizer > advanced > performances > Mobile device detection.

This setting will be useful for those who are using a cache plugin and have enabled the sticky sidebars on mobile devices. It fixes in particular the huajax issue reported several times.


Font Customizr ( Pro ) : we have fixed an intermittent bug occuring sometimes when saving your custom font settings in the customizer.


This version has been successfully tested with the latest WordPress version : v4.8.2.

I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂


=  Changelog =

  • fix : intermittent save error with the font customizer due to a possible null returned value by the sanitize callback
  • fix : bottom portion of sidebar gets cut off in tablet view when content is short. Fixes #476.
  • fix : archive and page titles font-size. Fixes #535.
  • fix : potential loss of customizations when wp_cache_get() returns false. Fixes #571.
  • fix : social links not refreshing in the footer on initial customization ( when nothing printed yet )
  • fix : headings hidden on mobile when no header image displayed. Fixes #527.
  • added : new option js-mobile-detect for optional javascript Mobile device detection. Loads the mobile-detect script ( 35 kb ) when checked
  • added : mobile-detect.js library conditionally enqueued
  • improved : replaced the ajax call by a javascript library to check if the device is mobile. Fixes #567.
  • improved : admin page wording and style
  • improved : Footer credits made smaller. Now use the WordPress icon. Default link to the Hueman theme page instead of
  • updated : customize control js

26 thoughts on “Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.20 and Hueman free v3.3.21

  • Reply

    Last update broken lightbox working with Next Gen gallery. Lightbox not opened , but clicked picture displayed on bottom of the site , i.e. , below footer

    • Reply

      Problem partly resolved and it was Responsive lightbox plugin. Gallery is working , but lightbox deleted… Any ideas for alternative ?

      • Reply

        Some correction. Problem was on gallery style , which named Fancybox . By all means , could be better if you offer ( article How to install and setup the Hueman theme demo content ) Hueman users more Lightboxes , than Responsive lightbox. Sure , on mentioned article You offer to use Swipebox style , but I don’t test this for this probleme solving

  • Reply
    J Miller

    Hey Nicolas, thank you for your dedication of providing this amazing free theme for years.
    By the way, is there any plan to add breadcrumb feature someday?…

    • Reply

      Your welcome, thanks for your appreciation.
      The breadcrumb is not scheduled yet, but this is currently missing I agree.
      I’ll publish a note when available in the theme.

  • Reply

    Hello, Sir
    I am using this theme and I am fully satisfied with them. Thanks for making this theme for us.
    But sir I want to ask something can I use youtube video embedded code in a responsive way.
    Thanks Again Sir for this Beautiful theme for us.

  • Reply
    Wayne Cochran

    Great job on this latest release!
    One item that I’d like to see addressed in a future release concerns Published/Updated dates that display on post pages. I typically schedule my posts to publish at a later date. Sometimes, between the time I schedule a post and the time it publishes, I will make edits to it. This will cause the post to have a last updated date that is earlier than the actual publish date once it does publish. I currently have an example on If there is a way to not display the Updated date if it is earlier than the published date, or a way to disable Updated date from displaying altogether, that would be useful.

    • Reply

      Hi, thank you very much for reporting this case. Really interesting. This also raises the question of how WordPress handles the update / published dates in a scheduling scenario like yours.
      There’s currently no way to control the visibility of the dates, and more globally of the post metas in Hueman. I feel that this is missing. That’s why this improvement has been scheduled for the next version of the theme.

  • Reply

    By the way, I would like to know if there if a possibility to display the featured image also on the post, as it seems to just appear on the homepage and the list of posts but not on the post itself (above the title, for example). That would have been a great thing to integrate a setting in the next update of the theme Hueman.

    Thank you very much and congrats again on the wonderful work.

    • Reply

      We have done this type of implementation in the Hueman Pro theme, like on this post for example, where the featured image is used as full width background.
      There is no scheduled dev yet to implement it in a more simple way in the free theme. But that could be introduced in the future. For example like we do in the Customizr free theme on this post.

  • Reply

    Hi Nicolas,

    I encountered a serious problem for the past two days. When updating some plugins with Hueman theme activated, it seems there is a slightly problem but that stop all my website and give me a “ERROR 500 HTTP” message instead. I tried with others themes it didn’t happened and the upgrading of the plugins could happen normally.
    To solve the problem I had to restore my Database and FTP to an anterior date. Now I am too afraid of touching any plugin upgrade.

    Any similar feedback regarding that issue?

    Thank you,

    Best regards,

  • Reply
    Hugo Ocampo

    Hi Nicolas,
    first of all, many thanks for your work to you and your team. I knew Hueman a few days ago and I got stunished about the excellent job you have been done in this theme!

    I have one question that I could not found in the forums, today when I tried to upgrade to php5.4 or php5.6 the theme stopped working and server gives me error 500, but when I rename the folder of the theme the error stopeed happening. Any solution to upgrade PHP and keep the theme working?


    • Reply

      Hi Hugo,
      Thank you very much for this feedback 🙂
      Can you try to activate a default theme like Twenty Seventeen, remove the Hueman theme, then re-install it and see if you have the same issue ?

  • Reply

    Hi nicolas,

    since last year i am using your theme, because it is excellent. I request you to make some changes and add whatsapp icon in social links bar to share post easily….
    I hope u think on my request and make changes as soon as possible.
    Thank You.

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