Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.6 and Hueman v3.3.11

Dear Hueman themes user, here’s the release note for Hueman v3.3.11 and Hueman Pro v1.0.6.


What’s new ?

Topbar and mobile menu improvements

  • New option : in Header Design “Apply a semi-transparent filter to the topbar on scroll.” enabled by default
  • New specific menu for mobile


You can now include your images in the search results



Better related posts in Hueman Pro

The Better Related Posts is a good way to improve the pageviews stats of your website and help your reader discover new content.

It’s been designed for performance, in particular on mobile devices. The related posts load dynamically just before becoming visible on scroll. It allows you to display much more related posts without slowing down the website.

When you display more related posts than the available number of columns, it becomes a carousel, easy to navigate with a finger because it is fully mobile touch ready.

You can see the feature live on this post and test it on your mobile or tablet.

This new module allows you to customize the block of related posts :

  • number of columns,
  • number of posts,
  • relationship : tags, categories, post format, all criterias, no criteria,
  • ordered by : date, comment count, random
  • custom heading
  • lazy loading on scroll


You’ll find a complete documentation here.


What’s fixed ?

  • Compatibility issue with the Event Calendar plugin with the date picker in admin
  • Sticky sidebars were not properly disabled on mobile devices when the option was checked



The following templates have been modified :

You will need to update your child theme with those if you override them.

The theme now include FitText.js which is a very light script ( < 1kb minified ) to dynamically resize the fonts depending on the viewport width.

See the full Github change report.



= 1.0.6 May 17th 2017 =

  • fixed : [pro] Featured content builder : title and subtitle length getting hidden when fixed title is enabled
  • fixed : Compatibility issue with the Event Calendar plugin on date picker ( fixes #454 )
  • fixed : wrong variable name in HU_utils::hu_cache_dp_options()
  • fixed : search field background color in main header not inheriting the correct color
  • fixed : desktop tobpar down arrow not showing up because fired too early
  • fixed : sticky sidebars not properly disabled on tablets when option set
  • fixed : php notice for undefined HUEMAN_VERSION constant in admin
  • fixed : replaced OT_VERSION by time() for ot-admin-css as version param
  • added a new option : in Header Design, “Apply a semi-transparent filter to the topbar on scroll.” Enabled by default. ( fixes #469 )
  • updated : Hueman Addons thumbnail
  • updated : hu_related_posts by hu_get_related_posts. Retro compatibiliy handled in functions/init-retro-compat.php
  • improved : esc_url to better support https protocol
  • improved : remove ot datepicker and timepicker – hueman doesn’t use them fixes #454
  • improved : customizer control visibility dependencies
  • improved : get wp_is_mobile() on front with an ajax request. Fixed #470
  • improved : utility hu_booleanize_checkbox_val()
  • improved : Mobile menu, if the selected menu location has no menu assigned, the theme will try to assign another menu in this order : topbar, mobile, header.
  • improved : mobile children menu items style
  • improved : mobile menu search field centering and width. Use of css calc()
  • improved : the header ads widget can now be displayed on top of the header image
  • improved : tmpl parts/related-posts now loaded with hu_get_template_part() to easily override it
  • added : mobile menu, specific for mobile devices
  • added : mobile menu notice for admin user if not mobile menu assigned
  • added : new option to set a specific logo for mobile devices
  • added : new option to print the logo / title and tagline on top of the header image
  • added : new option Display the site title in the header. Enabled by default
  • added : include attachments in search results
  • added : fitText jQuery plugin ( < 1kb )
  • added : js ajax utility
  • added : utility hu_user_can_see_customize_notices_on_front()
  • added : filter ‘hu_is_related_posts_enabled’ as condition to display the related_posts tmpl
  • added : new option to include attachment images in search results. In the customizer, Advanced Options > Search Results.
  • added : [pro] New module : Better Related Posts. in the customizer > Main Body Design > Single Posts Settings. New module allowing users to customize the block of related posts : number of columns, number of posts, relationship ( tags, categories, post format, all criterias, none ), ordered by, heading text, lazy loading on scroll

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