Hueman 3.3 + Hueman Addons 2.0 + : customization possibilities unleashed !

Last update : Hueman theme v3.3.4 + Hueman Addons plugin v2.0.7 are fixing the following problem reported in the support forums :

  • fixed : customizer not loading when the deprecated link widget is enabled
  • fixed : new customizer interface not loaded for multisites


Dear Hueman theme users,

I’m happy to introduce the new version of the Hueman theme and its companion, the Hueman Addons plugin. This release introduces an important innovation in the way we can customize our pages with Hueman.


Before going into details about this, let’s first go into some technical and general informations about Hueman v3.3.0 :

  • The new version is safe for child theme users. Only a minor change has been done to the header template, by replacing a function by a new one, easier to use as callback in customization context.
  • In v3.3.0, the default page menu assigned to the header when no menu was set has been disabled by default. It was unclear for many users.
  • The customizer panels and sections have been re-organized to gain in clarity and ease of use. Now, each panel has a subtitle providing informations about its options. The previous General Options panel has been split in two new panels : Web Page Design and Advanced Options
  • New Translations : the Hueman theme is getting more and more translated from its growing community of users. In v3.3.0, thanks to the volunteer translators on For v3.3.0, we’ve reached the following scores :


New customizer interface for enhanced customization possibilities


The main change of this release is the introduction of a new customizer interface, allowing you to customize any page or your Hueman website with a specific set of options, while before, all options of the customizer were applied site wide.


The principle of this feature is simple : if an option of a given page has been customized locally, then it will apply the local customization in priority. If the option is not customized, then it will inherit its value from its parent, up to the site wide options.


This is for example very useful if you need to display a specific menu only on one page, or if you need to set a custom font for some posts. It can also be used to set specific colors, footer layout, site layout by page. In fact any options of the customizer can be set to a local scope, except a few ones that are excluded for the moment : widgets and the custom CSS introduced in 4.7.

Not only this, you can also apply a set of options to a group of similar contexts like : all pages, all posts, all tags, all categories, all authors, … A typical use of this is for example to apply a particular set of colors, or a background, to all static pages.



Minimum WordPress requirements

Before you start, this feature requires the activation of the Hueman Addons plugin v2.0+ and WordPress version 4.7 +. If you did not install the Hueman Addons plugin yet, you will need to do it from your WordPress admin in Plugins > Add New.


Getting started

When you’ll open the customizer in Hueman, you’ll see new tabs on top of the left panel. Those tabs are clickable and allow you to switch from one option scope to another, back and forth, and to customize each scope independantly.



Let’s take 2 examples to quickly review the various possibilities offered by this feature.


Use case 1 : setting a specific top menu to your contact page

In this example, you want to set a particular menu on the top of your contact page, including links to some company’s pages for example. But you want this menu only visible on the contact page, and not in all other pages.

Here’s how to achieve this :

  1. On the front end of your website, navigate to your contact page
  2. Click on the customize icon of your WP admin bar : 
  3. You are customizing only this page, the top right panel is active :
  4. Open the Menus panel and create a specific menu for this page
  5. Assign the created menu to the top location : 
  6. Close the  customizer by clicking on the top left cross : 


Your page should display a specific menu, not visible on other pages. You can see the result live on the demo page here.


This is an example of use with the menu, but you could also have set a specific header image, font, color set to this particular contact page.


Use case 2 : defining a header image for all your blog category archive pages

In this example, you want to display a header image on the category archive pages, like for example this one on the demo website.

  1. On the front end, navigate to any category page
  2. Click on the customize button of the top admin bar
  3. Select the middle option scope tab : All categories : 
  4. Then navigate to Header Design > Banner image and enable the header image :
  5. Save and exit.


Now all category archives of your website are displaying a specific header image. Check the live result here.


You can override this header image for a specific category by customizing the local set of options of this category, with a similar approach as the one described in example 1.



If you change your mind and you want to reset some local options, you can use either :

  • the reset button on the right of the each option in the customizer panel : 
  • or the entire scope reset on top of the customizer panel : 


Typical customization workflow

This new feature also helps gaining in productivity when customizing your website. In the customizer, you can navigate in your website from the preview by clicking on your menu or posts links, and then customize each contexts individually. The customizer will keep track of your customizations done to any contexts during the session.

Once you’re satisfied by your design, you can click and publish your work.

As per WordPress 4.7, and the introduction of the customize changeset persistency, you can even close the customizer without saving right away, and go back to your customizations later, they will be available during 7 days.



On front end, this new feature has no impact on the overall page loading time.

In the customizer, you might notice 1 additional second of loading time on start, but after that there’s no significant impact on the preview refresh speed .The overall customization experience has been designed to be as smooth as possible, by loading the various component on demand.


Call for translation editors

In this version, an important effort has been made by the community to translate the theme but we’re still missing many translations!

For the next release, volunteers native speakers of the following languages are needed to reach 100% :

  • Japanese, current score 93% updated to 100% !
  • Russian, current score 62%
  • Dutch, current score 47%
  • Hungarian, current score 20% but many translations are waiting for approval
  • Chinese, current score 19% but many translations are waiting for approval
  • Hindi, current score 20%

Translating online is simple and requires only an user account on

If you feel like contributing, please let me know, I’ll ask the team of your native language to give you the Translation Editor role, which willl let you validate translations.


Changelog in Hueman theme v3.3.3 December 28th 2016

  • fixed : customizer freezing on Safari 10.0.2, when Hueman Addons enabled with WP 4.7+ (#375)
  • fixed : customizer panel doesn’t scroll down fully
  • fixed : some widget area could not be controllable for specific pages (#374)
  • improved : code : better syntax for boolean utility hu_is_customizing()

Changelog in Hueman theme v3.3.2

  • fixed : quotes not being properly escaped in the customizer, leading to issues with some languages
  • fixed : customizer frozen in an infinite load in some specific cases
  • improved : featured-posts-include is displayed in the customizer only when is_home() context
  • removed : Japanese translation translated 100% on
  • fixed : php version older than 5.2 compatibility problem (#361)
  • fixed : case when background-attachment is inherit (#363)
  • fixed : set option use-header-image default to false
  • fixed : default page menu in footer not taken in account (#368)
  • added : support for customize selective refresh for header image
  • added : support for customize selective refresh for site title
  • changed : disable the default header page menu
  • changed : in parts/header-main.php, echo hu_site_title() has been replaced by hu_print_logo_or_title(). The function hu_site_title() has been kept in the theme to ensure back compatibility for child theme users
  • removed : Spanish, Persian and Czech translation files (es_ES, fa_IR, cz_CZ),now more than 95% translated on
  • improved : avoid img smartload php parsing in ajax requests
  • improved : customizer UI
  • improved : compatibility with the scope feature of Hueman Addons
  • improved : de_DE language file now translated at 97%, .po files removed from the theme. thanks @jaylinski
  • improved : theme’s option performances


Changelog in Hueman Addons plugin v2.0.5

  • fixed : it was not possible to set static front page and post page layout independently
  • fixed : removed anonymous callback assigned to “hu_hueman_loaded”
  • fixed : retro-compatibility with php version 5.3, removed anonymous callback in action hook.
  • improved : featured-posts-include is displayed in the customizer only when is_home() context
  • fixed : customizer frozen in an infinite load in some specific cases
  • fixed : replace hu_is_customize_preview_frame() by HU_AD() -> ha_is_customize_preview_frame()
  • fixed : old version of php compatibility issue
  • added : new customizer interface. Requires WP 4.7+ and Hueman v3.3.0

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