April 2016 : the new version of Hueman (v3.1+) has been released on WordPress.org. Read the release notes to understand what has changed.

You can also check the updated documentation here.


A fully featured, responsive high resolution magazine & blog theme without compromise. Hueman presents what you love to write about in a visual & user-friendly way on all devices.


If you want to design WordPress themes, but don’t have good enough php knowledge or foundation to build on, you are free to use this theme as base. It’s GPLv3-licensed. The theme documentation is also free to use (WTFPL).



How can I recover the previous features of the Github “full” version of the Hueman theme ?

The Hueman Addons plugin is ready and available on Github on this page. You can download the latest release here. It replaces the former “full” version of the Hueman theme previously available on Github.

The plugin will also be available in the plugin directory of WordPress.org as soon as it has been validated by the wp.org plugin review team.

The Hueman Addons plugin includes the following features :

  • Basic Shortcodes documented on the Github page.
  • Share bar including the Twitter username feature


Where can I get documentation and support for the Hueman theme ?

  • Read the theme documentation here
  • Create a child theme for the Hueman theme in a few clicks
  • Feel free to rate/review the theme here
  • If you have theme questions, go here


Now, let’s see some of the features included…







More Features