16 thoughts on “Customizr v3.1.6 : 100% compatible with Nextgen gallery plugin

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    Some details of Nextgen compatibility would be nice. I’m not finding a way to add Nextgen images to a front page slider.

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    Hi Nicholas! I am a new blogger and out of all themes, I have settled for Customizr because I think its simply the best. But I am facing a little problem with my gallery display.
    I have created a gallery and its working but the plugins like carousel without jetpack. nextegn gallery, wp-canvas gallery don’t seem to be working with my images. I click the picture, its displays but the background doesnt change, i want it to become black but carousel doesnt work. What could I have been doing wrong?
    Thanks Nicholas.

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      Hi Ryan, thanks for getting in touch and this nice feedback on the theme 🙂

      About your gallery problem : we try to centralize all support requests / bug reports in the theme forum.
      You’ll want to open a new thread there.

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    I’m completely new to the field of web designing and its just been about 6 months I’ve been with my first web site. Of the many themes I’ve tried the ‘Customizr’ was the most I liked. One issue I constantly face is the incompatibility with ‘Next Gen gallery plugin. I have the 1.9.3 Next Gen and any update of the plugin causes the site to crash (blank screen). This forces me to revert back to the older version of the plugin.
    Any ideas on what I can do to fix this..??

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    abraham habas

    I purchase the customizer earlier today and i wanted to know if i was suppose to recive an email
    and if not how do i get to start using the customizer
    thank you

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    I’m trying to add a custom logo, banner, header image that will fill up the complete white section where the default icon goes, and then add the some image, colour behind the menu to create a bit of harmony with my logo – image to make it will fill across the entire screen of desktop as it does mobile, tablet etc.

    Also behind the tagline when viewed on mobile (iPhone) or tablet.

    I tried some custom CSS with no success.
    Any ideas ?


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    Once I buy the featured pages extension – Can I use it on more than 1 website. I am working on making a few websites for some non-profit organizations and also 1 or 2 on my own. This is my first wordpress website and I came across your theme. Any other benefit I get besides the multipage feature on the front page. Thanks for making a beautiful theme for newbies like me and that also FREE. Words can’t thank you enough.

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      Hi Ideaman, you can use the extension on an unlimited number of websites once purchased.

      Thanks for this feedback, I am glad you appreciate the theme!

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    Building a new site and can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the size of the front page slider or how to delete an existing created slider. I cannot find the tap where “delete slider” is located either. Please HELP!

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    I want to create a new index page or a blog page so when I post it will populate on that specific page with the relevant post. Are there instructions available?

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    Thanks for the amazing quick reply.
    I went back and tried with IE, something I should had tried before hand.
    With IE the Time or Booking works fine. O_o!

    Looks like there’s something strange going on with FireFox, Contact Form 7 with Date picker, and Customizer Theme.

    Other that this small issue, Customizer is becoming one of my favorite themes. 🙂


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    Hi Nicolas,

    I have an strange issue with this version 3.16 and the last version 3.15 of Customizer.
    See this Test site ( http://bordershuttlebus.com/test/contact-us/) and Select ‘Time of Booking’, and you will see something strange I just don’t know how to enplane. .. The slider of the Time are wrong looking.
    But when I change the Theme to something else 2013 for example all is fine.
    I’m lost to where to look next.

    I may just restart again soon (test2) and see what happens.


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      Hi Peter,
      I just checked your website and the Time of Book slider looks fine. May be you’ve been switching back to a previous version.

      Hard to say what is causing this issue. I usually recommend to desactivate one by one the plugins to identify one in conflict (if any).

      If you still have this issue, you might want to report it in the theme user’s forum on WordPress.org.

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