12 new websites selected in the Customizr showcase 9


Congratulations to their authors for those creative web designs.


See all websites and visit them in the showcase.

9 thoughts on “12 new websites selected in the Customizr showcase

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    Stephan Rohan

    Hi Nicolas,
    Your theme is excellent. I had a friend develop a backbone for my website and he used your theme. I am an old school programmer with little experience on WordPress. What would you advise me to use to be able to add more and better content for my site and if you have any comments and advise on how to make my site better on your theme, i would be very grateful.

    Regards 🙂


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      Hi Stephan,
      The main advise I would give is to study and practice the WordPress hook API. This is really what’s makes WordPress powerful, and actually the key of the WP code IMHO.
      Using this API, the Customizr theme is built on a extensible and modular code structure. Extensible because you can change/modify the core functions either with filter hooks or by overriding core classes. Modular because the html markup is rendered with action hooks that you can delete, replace, move.

      Once you really use and understand this API (which requires some practice but not that much), there’s virtually no limit to what you can achieve with WordPress.
      Hope this will help.

      PS : I would be interested to see and check the code of the backbone implementation of the theme! 🙂

      Recommended resources :

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    I adore your initiative. Its the best after the invention of WP 10 years ago.
    I made some Themes for primary schools in Holland and they were great succes. But that was 3 years ago and the developement of WP is increasing with the speed of light. You will agree that the best things of live are free so I am thinking about making a child Theme for primary-schools to offer for free on WP.com Most schools spent in Holland spent 2000 € a year For theire website so it would be great with your basic Theme behind.it (so they can make their own color choise). Ik can create a child Theme and with a little help it could provide more than 1000 school with responcive accurate CMS.) Best wishes from Holland anyway. Sorry for my bad English.

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    I just switched to Customizer. Doing a little customizing 🙂 But the home page slider will not pull up on the web, as well as most of the formatting and graphics. Mostly just text. I don’t know how to do programming, so KISS is advised.


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    Hi Nico,

    I wanted to use the discount code on your featured pages plugin. But when I looked for it, it is gone. I saw it a couple of days ago and thought it was going to be valid at least until this weekend. Can you help?


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