WordPress Font Customizer plugin : Google Fonts + CSS3 effects


Today I am happy to present the next WordPress plugin from Press Customizr called Font Customizer.

If you are like me, you have probably often spent hours on various blogs and specialized websites to find the perfect font combinations for your webdesign…and then another few hours to try to style your fonts with the best color, size, effects…


Why do we care so much about fonts?


Web Design is 95% Typography.

Oliver Reichenstein from Information Architects Inc., one of the best design agency in the world.

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I can’t help but agree with Oliver Reichenstein : typography is key in webdesign. We spend our days reading informations on the web, and we really feel the difference when a design uses a good typography combination.

In the past few years, the CSS level 3 has opened even more design opportunities with new properties like ‘text-shadow’. That’s why I have been working on the extension I always dreamed to have on my websites to save me hours of research and html/css integration. 


The Font Customizer extension allows you to customize the font of any part of your theme in live preview with the WordPress customizer. You can

  • choose among 600+ Google Fonts and preview it in your website just by hovering the font in the list.
  • apply 40+ incredible CSS3 effects : shadows, emboss, inset, 3D, fire animations, neons, …you just won’t believe it!
  • goodbye CSS stylesheets! You can access to any property of your fonts in the live option panel : size, color, weight, letter-spacing, etc…
  • take control over the icons next to posts or title : display or hide them
  • make beautiful font combinations
  • easily select the font you need to customize by zones


It is almost ready, and I can’t wait to present some screenshots of it!

For further reading, five great ressources about fonts in web design :

  1. Choosing Types Principles
  2. Four techniques for combining fonts
  3. 8 tips Combining typefaces
  4. Rules for beautiful typography
  5. Principles for beautiful Typography


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