What’s new in Customizr Pro v1.2.6 (Customizr v3.4.9) 12

Auto-generated home slider based on your blog posts

This is a really cool and simple way to feature your last posts on home.

You’ll find this new option in the customizer > content > front page > slider.  All you have to do is selecting the “Auto-generated slider…” in the slider dropdown list.


Each time you’ll publish or update a post, the home page slider will automatically be refreshed according to your choosen number of posts to display and other various options.




We’ve been designing and developing with a focus a speed and ease of use for this new feature.

We really hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂 !


Coming soon (for Pro)

  • Select posts from a specific category
  • Add the slider post to any page or post


Full changelog for Customizr Pro v1.2.6 (Customizr v3.4.9)

  • added: New feature – display a slider of recent posts on home
  • fix: RTL initial position of the small arrow in the accordion(JTS)
  • fix: broken update notice in edit attachment page fixes issue #248
  • fix: display slider notice only on the demo slider fixes issue #251
  • fix: Add back the Google Font img in the Customizer fixes issue #285
  • fix: Woocommerce’s product tabs not showing if Smooth scroll on click enabled Fixes issue #258
  • fix: Allow the expanded grid title to be translated with qtranslate
  • fix: include pages in search results when including cpt in post lists Fixes issue #280
  • fix: expand last published sticky post in the grid
  • fix: disable link smoothscroll in woocommerce contexts See issue #258
  • Impr: Footer Customizer better lang plugins compatibility
  • Impr: Footer Customizer allow html in copyright and credit text
  • Fix: FPU, fix not refreshing thumbnail when post trashed
  • Impr: FPU, Allow fp img smartload when relative Customizr option is enabled

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