Replace tagline with buttons

Note :This snippet works only with the Classical style option. More about the theme style option here

If you want the tagline to be replaced with a button similar to the demo site, all you have to do this place this code in your child theme’s functions.php and change to suit your needs.


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8 thoughts on “Replace tagline with buttons

  • Anthony Joseph

    I’d like to replace the tagline with a login form rather than having a custom widget area in my header. i am using Pro. using this, I replaced this section:

    return ‘Demo‘;}

    with my but this gives me an internal script error on my site. Could you tell me how to replace the tag with my form that I have created?

  • mass

    I put it into a child’s theme functions.php file and it works, but now every time I perform an action in admin (like update a setting, a page etc), I get a blank page. Need to delete last part of url and get back to admin ( to be able to edit or change setting. I need to do this every time. I’m on last version of wordpress. Any help?

    • Menaka S

      Hi mass,
      I don’t think the issue you have of blank pages is created by this snippet. Did you do something else that triggered this behaviour?

      • mass

        You were right. It was the plugin I used to configure my child theme that messed it up.
        thank you!

  • Viji

    Hello Menaka,

    Thanks for the above code snippet. I’m looking to insert a search form in between social icons and Tagline.
    Hope you could help.


  • Viji

    Hi Menaka,

    Thank you for the code snippet above.
    I’m trying to insert the search form in between “Social Icons” and “Tagline”. I don’t know php and trying to find a solution to my issue here.
    Hope you could help.


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