Removing the title links in post lists

Note :This snippet works only with the Classical style option. The Classical style option can be enabled in Appearance > Customize > Advanced > Theme Style. More about the theme style option here

The Customizr theme displays by default your post titles as links pointing to the single post.

Here’s a simple way (using some javascript) to remove those links if you ever need to.

Paste the following code in your functions.php :

More about customizing the Customizr theme here.

More about using jQuery in WordPress.

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9 thoughts on “Removing the title links in post lists

  • Vidya

    Can I tweak this code to remove the links I have on the dates below a post in the metas? Please help. Check out news and interviews at How do I add a Read More link in the meta if that is possible?

  • Breanne Clinger

    First off, you are a complete genius! THANK YOU! I am learning and growing in this strange developer world that is complete foreign to me. I am trying to remove the URL link that is shown under every post of mine under the twitter social link on the main page. Is this possible? Also I have been having difficulty with my thumbnail photos and slider photos being able to resize and frame them to fit how I would like in the viewing.

    • Nicolas Post author

      Hi Breanne, thanks for your nice comment.
      If you are new to the theme and WordPress, I would recommend to read the documentation and the related links about how to customize the theme.
      I hope this will help you 🙂

    • Nicolas Post author

      Hi, you could restrict the impacted selectors to a specific category by using the category class included in the body tag by WordPress :

  • Nicolas Post author

    Hi Rick, a quick and dirty approach would be to use

    Hope this helps!

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