Release note for Hueman Pro 1.0.22+ and free 3.3.23+ 23

Dear Hueman theme users,

This is the release note for Hueman free version v3.3.23+ and Hueman Pro v1.0.22+.

We have fixed minor problems reported by our users ( see the changelogs ) and added features to the Pro version.

Those new versions have been successfully prepared and tested with the future WordPress 4.9 ( for which the target release date is November 14, 2017 ).


Like on every theme update, remember to clear your cache if you are using a cache plugin like Total Cache or Super Cache.


Those new releases are safe for child theme users.


You can now add custom scripts in Hueman Pro

In Hueman Pro, you can now include any javascript or CSS code you need from the WordPress customizer. The good thing is that this can be safely done in live preview, so you can check if everything is going fine before publishing live.

Unlike the WordPress built-in additional CSS option which is good but limited to css code, those new fields can be used to include both javascript or css code. This is for example useful if you need to add Google Analytics tracking code to your site.

Combined with the by-page customization offered by the theme, those new custom scripts can let you add custom scripts or css stylsheets to specific posts or pages.


This new option is available in the live customizer > Advanced options > Additional scripts.

You can choose between two zones to add code : in your <head> tag, or before the closing of the <body> tag in the footer.


Load more posts button for Infinite Scroll

Until this release, when the Infinite Scrolling was enabled on your Hueman Pro site, your posts were by default loaded endlessly on scroll, like on a Facebook wall. In this new release, we let you choose if you want the post to load automatically or if it requires the user to click on a Load more posts button at the bottom of each set of loaded posts.

This new option is located in the customizer > Main body design > Post Lists Design

It is recommended to use the Load more posts button on mobile devices for better performances and user experience.


What’s next  ?

Here’s a list of the upcoming features and improvements scheduled for the next releases.

  • For WooCommerce users, a custom header shopping cart for Hueman, similar to the one implemented in the Customizr theme.
  • More Header menu color options
  • Enhanced sidebar styling options
  • Enhanced Related Posts module ( Pro )
  • New Featured Pages module (Pro )
  • Performance improvements on front
  • Fix for problems occuring with multisites installs


Full Changelogs

You can read the full changelogs for Hueman Pro here and for Hueman Free here.

23 thoughts on “Release note for Hueman Pro 1.0.22+ and free 3.3.23+

      • Reply

        Hy Nicolas, yes I use the latest version of the theme.
        Also on the demo website, the button is not exactly in the middle. (@ mobile device)
        On the left, the distance is slightly larger than on the right.
        The slider button “DISCOVER” is exactly in the middle

        But that’s really not a problem.

  • Reply
    Hossein Farnia

    Hi Nicolas,
    I had a suggestion for this theme. I think loading images on scroll with fade effect looks very beautiful.
    Please add such a feature in the future updates.

  • Reply
    Oktay Tolongüç

    Selam, bu temayı severek kullanıyorum teşekkür ederim. Son güncellemeden sonra header.php içinde düzeltme yapamıyorum meta etiketi ve google izleme kodu giremiyorum… aldığım hata mesajı:

    Ölümcül hataları kontrol etmek için site ile iletişim kurulamıyor, bu sebepten PHP değişiklikleri geri alındı. PHP dosya değişikliğini başka bir şekilde yüklemeniz gerekiyor, SFTP ya da benzeri bir yöntemle.

    Bu sorun nasıl çözülür.

  • Reply

    Hi Nicolas, i’ve tried find this code in file comments.php and another file but i do’nt see.

    Please help me find this code, then i add function show comment author count beside author vcard.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Reply

    I decided in favour of Hueman a long time ago, and I am always very happy and grateful that this excellent theme exists.

    Many thanks to all participants.

  • Reply

    Thanks for the improvements (-;
    At my website the “LOAD MORE POSTS” button has the color: #16CFC1
    my main color is: #2396D8
    my secondary color is: #BB162B
    How can I change the color of the button and maybe the language to german (MEHR BEITRÄGE LADEN)?

    Thanks Mike

      • Reply

        I join the request to add the ability to customize the color of the button and translate it into another language “LOAD MORE POSTS”
        or a quick guide to how to edit “LOAD MORE POSTS” in another language.

        Thanks Nicolas! 🙂

  • Reply
    Click Artist - Ottelli Mihail

    Complimenti ottimo lavoro continuate così p.s. suggerimenti inserite la possibilità di inserire i tasti rapidi social shere nelle pagine .

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