Hueman theme is 100 % compatible with WordPress 5.2. Hueman Pro v1.1.20 and Hueman free v3.4.21 5

Dear Hueman theme users,

This new release has been successfully tested with the new WordPress 5.2.

It implements a new WordPress hook documented here :


Note for child theme developers : no template has been modified in this release.


Recently introduced in the Hueman theme

Introduction of a new unified style for the checkboxes in the customizer.

Blockquotes are now styled properly when inserted in a comment.

The search button is now displayed in tablet devices.


The style of the consent checkbox has been improved in the comment form.


The footer credits now uses parsable tags like {{year}}


Filtering of the blog page posts by category

You can access this new feature in the live customizer > Front page content.

Then scroll down until you find the option named Apply a category filter to your home / blog posts“.

You can select one or several categories to filter your blog page posts.


Nested menus can now be expanded on mobile devices

The option is available in the live customizer > header design > header menus, at the bottom of the option panel.

You can test it in action in the live demo of Hueman.



Better integration with the Nimble section builder

We have recently released a simple yet powerful section builder named the Nimble Builder plugin.

Nimble is a free section builder intended to be the content creation companion of Hueman.

The plugin allows you to drag and drop pre-built sections, or create your own sections in live preview from the WordPress customizer. You can easily create column layouts, and add content like buttons, icons, Google maps and even contact forms in any page.

You can see a live example of Nimble sections in the Hueman theme.

You can easily install it from your WordPress admin, in Plugins > Add New.

We are currently working on a knowledge base to help you getting started with the plugin, but you can take a quick tour of the Nimble Builder plugin in action, in the WordPress live customizer, on the screenshots below.

Creating a page with 3 pre-built sections




  • added : new wp_body_open theme Hook
  • improved : sharre bar, replaced broken sharre count by “+” sign, removed deprecated Google Plus

5 thoughts on “Hueman theme is 100 % compatible with WordPress 5.2. Hueman Pro v1.1.20 and Hueman free v3.4.21

  • Reply

    I’m using the free version and have a problem with the thumbnails of the featured images with the size of 520 x 245 pixels.
    I didn’t have the problem in an older version of Hueman free.
    Where can I change the size of the featured images (520 x 245 pixels)?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Reply

    I’ve noticed a bug in the search box that is included. When you click on the box the pre-populated words “To search type and hit enter” do not disappear and users have to manually remove these prior to typing in their search criteria. This issue can be replicated on two different websites: and

    Any assistance you can provide would be gratefully received.

  • Reply

    Hello Press Customizr.

    I tried to install Hueuman-pro, following Your instructions in the software documentation,
    but I received an error message “linked expired”.
    Your explanation about increasing the memory amount on the server side seems to be incorrect.
    Briefly I have no time to waste, so please fix the problem as soon as possible and send me a new

    For Your reference:

    ID #298774 14 April 2019 $79.00

  • Reply

    After updating to WordPress 5.2, Hueman Pro v1.1.20 + various plugins, the lines in the Classic Editor are displayed side by side on my homepage. After a long search, I have come to the conclusion that the plugin “Page Links To” causes the error. Do not upgrade to the latest version 3.1.0. Maybe this information is helpful to someone.

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