Release note for Customizr v4.1.3 5

Dear Customizr theme users,

This is a quick release note to share the minor changes brought to the version v4.1.3.

= Changelog =

  • Fix: no need to enqueue the front placeholders assets when user not logged in. fixes #1513
  • Fix: make sure the mfp gallery left arrow is correctly aligned. fixes #1515
  • Fix: set word-wrap break-word for whatever text in the page content. This will avoid text overflowing the parent element width, for example in list items

5 thoughts on “Release note for Customizr v4.1.3

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    The “full-width” thumbnail option for pages & posts needs to be fixed! When viewed on mobile, the image zooms in way too much, which can take away from its relevance to the post/page. When being viewed on mobile, the thumbnail needs to be automatically reverted to the “boxed” option. Can this be done on your next update?


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    Tammy Agung Nusyaputera

    Hello, may I know if there any plan to include a feature to have the logo and the menu below the logo aligned to the left (or right) in the next updates.

    Thank you n Regards

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    wm ept


    I updated customizr from 4.0.5 to 4.1.3.

    unfortunately the sticky header seems not to be working and there are no options to set it in the customize section.

    downgrading back to 4.0.5 the header is sticky again and the customization options show back the sticky menu checkboxes where they should be.

    I’ve tested this on two different websites.

    is that a bug?

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