Concepts For Writing Attractive Posts For Your WordPress Blog

So you want to write a blog post for your WordPress site. That’s fantastic. But how well do you understand the business of blogging? Probably you have an experience in writing, or maybe not. If you are reading this post, you probably have something to share with the world on your WordPress blog. If you are writing your first post, this text will guide you on how to get ideas before writing a blog post on any topic.



If you feel like writing articles about a popular topic, then you should always keep yourself abreast of everything going on around that topic. Although this may sound like a real job to handle, auspiciously, there are many tools out there in the market that will help you go through the process without stress.


What is Your Idea?

A professional writer will always tell you that writing is never easy especially when you’re just getting started. However, there should be no cause for intimidation, what it takes to make it work is an idea. If you have an idea already, that’s great. This content will inspire you to get more ideas. Otherwise, it will help you begin a series of deliberate brainstorming for ideas.


There are certain questions you should answer before moving any further. What is the concept you are bringing into the game? Who are you writing for? What is your purpose of writing? Are you writing for everything and anything? Knowing the answers to these rhetorical questions will go a long way in forming up Blogspot ideas in your subconsciousness.


A key navigator in writing blog posts is purpose. What do you intend to achieve through this post? There are many reason for this answer, maybe your reason is because you feel like you can to it, but it goes beyond that.


Whatever your blog decision may be, be sure that you are writing about something you do care about or something you want to do. It is a different thing entirely if you are writing to get paid and when you write a blog for yourself because you can simply choose a topic that you fancy without anyone having to review or approve it.


Maybe it’s your reaction to a trending issue, or you are rewriting on your blog a post that you find interesting, or perhaps you enjoyed a new movie you saw at the cinema or even a book. There’s no limitation to what you can write on.


Writing contents on favorite topics will be worthwhile because you are writing on a trending topic which will always attract views and comments. There’s a big possibility of getting your desired audience target when you write on already trending issues. But don’t underestimate the power of evergreen writeups, always make out effort to remix your blog when writing on a trending topic.


Secret to Getting What’s New

Blog Post Comments

One great source of taping ideas for your blog posts in the comment section. Sometimes, you get to see lots of questions from the viewers on a topic especially when the post lacks an in-depth explanation or diversion. So, you can always use these questions or comments to fashion out something that may be more drive more interest.


Google Trends


Google trends help you to check for topics and keywords that are of interest over time. In case you are hearing this for the first time, the Google trend platform extracts search data are directly from Google. This search database can be viewed by country, location, keyword, and topic. From this point, you can easily observe the rate of increase or decrease in popularity of a topic.


Google Alerts


Keeping yourself updated with all news and story you write about is often a difficult task. Imagine keeping up to date with topics like digital marketing, website design, or WordPress. It sounds near impossible because these topics produce more articles every single day, it could take up your whole time doing this.


Fortunately, Google alert is always here to help. Using this platform is so easy, you just have to set up an alert system that notifies you whenever there’s a new post on a specific keyword or topic of your choice. Google will send the links to any site with relevant information in your specified keyword or topic direct to your e-mail.


Although every tool mentioned here are useful in their way, however, a combination of them all will be fantastic. Not only to identify trending topics but also to guide you as you write. It’s time to examine and keep up to date with that topic, getting all conversation as it comes. With the help of Google alerts, Google trend, blog post comments or reviews and subscription for e-mail alerts, you can keep in touch with what matters.


In the world of blogging, there’s no specific method of writing a good post for your WordPress blog. Nevertheless, there’s a traditional process used by most writers. First part is brainstorming, the second part is to outline the concept of your ideas, then make a draft format of it, followed by a revision. After these processes, you can go straight to proofreading before finally publishing your blog post.


Tracing out a topic from the list of ideas will help you get busy or serious in the specific area of concentration. It guides you throughout the writing process. However, you may not require an outline for every post. Getting more words down at this stage will help you get even more ideas flowing in. Just keep writing, and you never know when you’ll cover a whole paragraph or page. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’ve written too much or too bad– this is just the first draft, sometimes it goes well in the first instance.


What follows next is the proofreading process. You cannot rule out the power of proofreading, even with the use of Autocorrect. Spelling wise, autocorrect helps you to check for wrong input, but it will never check the real context of every word you type. So always remember to perform a little assessment to ensure you’ve made use of good English without typos. You can as well tell a trusted friend to go through your work again and again.