Release note for Customizr Pro v2.1.9 and Customizr free v4.1.20

Dear Customizr theme users, here’s the latest release note for your theme.

Better support for the new WordPress editor

This new release improves the theme’s compatibility with the upcoming new WordPress editor ( currently named Gutenberg ). In particular, Customizr now supports for the full width cover images available in the new editor. You can see a live demo of the WordPress cover image integrated with the Customizr theme here.

To achieve a cover image with more options and drag and drop features, we recommend to use the free Nimble Builder plugin which allows you to design a cover image in live preview in the customizer.


Recently introduced features in the Customizr theme

New option for a header on top of your content

This new release introduces a new checkbox option for your header, allowing you to make it transparent and positionned on top of your content.

The option is only available for your home page.


The example below shows how it looks when displayed on top of a home page slider.



Better integration with the Nimble drag-and-drop builder

We have been working on a section builder named the Nimble Builder.  Nimble is a free section builder intended to be the content creation companion of the Customizr theme.

The Nimble Builder allows you to drag and drop pre-built sections, or create your own sections in live preview from the WordPress customizer. You can easily create column layouts, and add content like buttons, icons, Google maps and even contact forms in any page.

You can see a live example of Nimble sections in the Customizr theme.

You can easily install it from your WordPress admin, in Plugins > Add New.

We are currently working on a knowledge base to help you getting started with the plugin, but you can take a quick tour of the Nimble Builder plugin in action, in the WordPress live customizer, on the screenshots below.

Creating a page with 3 pre-built sections

Adding Content



Dragging an dropping a pre-designed section of content

Customizing the content of a module, here a button module

Customizing the background image of a section



  • fixed : remove breadcrumb itemprop that can produce html validation issues. fixes #1607
  • fixed : fix buddypress member activity filter issue. fixes #1606.
  • improved : support for new WordPress editor, block cover image alignwide/alignfull
  • improved : readme.txt file, according to the latest TRT requirements

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