Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.17+ and Customizr free v4.0.12+ 10

Dear Customizr theme users,

This new release fix minor problems reported in the forum and in the pro user helpdesk. Thank you very much for helping us keep the theme as bug free as possible 🙂

2 new options have been added. They are available in the modern style of the theme, which offers more flexibility to move blocks ( because of the use of the flex css technology ) with a better support for your visitors using mobile devices.

Like on every theme update, remember to clear your cache if you are using a cache plugin like Total Cache or Super Cache.


New option to set the locations for related posts, comments and author box

More flexibility has been added for the layout of the content blocks in single posts and pages.

You can access this option in the customizer > Main content > Single posts.

These new settings let you choose if you want to display the single post / page block contents 🙁 related posts, comments and author box ), right after your content, or after your sidebars, before the footer.


New search icon with a toggled search field on mobile

On mobile devices, you can now display a search icon next your hamburger menu. When tapping on the icon, a search field is displayed.


You can access this setting when using the modern style, in the customizer > Header > Design settings for smartphones


Full Changelogs

You can read the full changelog for Customizr Pro here and for Customizr Free here.

10 thoughts on “Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.17+ and Customizr free v4.0.12+

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    Did the latest update somehow remove adding Menu classes? It’s disappeared from my customiser view (it was supposed to be under Menu and individual menu items have the option to add more classes). I found out because the CSS targeting those particular menu classes ceased to function.

    I’m on Customizr free v4.0.13. Any assistance would be great.

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    Takuji Fukumoto

    Hello Customizr team,

    Thank you very much for the awesome theme!
    I’ve noticed that the website does not respond to the back/forward gesture (usually two finger swipe) on my MacBook Pro (Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6, Safari 11.0.1).
    My website uses customizr theme (4.0.13) and it also has problem responding to the gesture though it sometimes can go back or forward if you swipe very fast.
    I’ve checked some websites using customizr ( and they also show the same problem.
    Do you have any ideas about this behavior?

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    Is there a way to edit the way the “sticky” posts look in the free version? In the “classic” style, sticky posts were larger and took up more space. i’d like to have this effect in the “modern” version instead of having the sticky post formatted to look just like all the other posts on my blog roll.

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