Hueman v3.1.1 release note

What’s new ?

Structured Data Markup

Version 3.1.1 (download it here) of the Hueman WordPress theme is now compatible with the Structured Data Markup used by search engines to understand your website. This is a standard Html markup annotation helping your pages to rank higher in search engine results (see this post on KissMetrics).

Documented here :

The Structured Data is now enabled by default on new installs. For user upgrading the theme from a previous version, they can enable this feature in the customizer, in Global Settings > Performance and SEO > Use Structured Data Markup for your posts


New options to disable the admin bar “Help Button” and the “About Hueman” admin page

You can now disable the admin bar green help button and the “About Hueman” admin page in the customizer > Global Settings > Hueman Admin Settings.


Better compatibility with the wp_pagenavi plugin

The single.php template has been changed for a better compatibility with wp_pagenavi for multi-part posts


Many thanks to all the contributors on the support forum and on the Github Page who are reporting bugs and pushing fixes 🙂 !


Note for child theme users

The following templates have been modified :

  • content-featured.php
  • content-standard.php
  • content.php
  • single.php
  • parts/related-posts.php

In each of those templates, the date and author informations are rendered with new specific templates, compliant with structured data markup :

  • parts/post-list-author-date.php
  • parts/single-author-date.php



Full changelog for Hueman v3.1.1 dated April 20th, 2016

  • fixed : the option “featured-posts-include” depending on “featured-posts-enabled” was still altering the query even if “featured-posts-enabled” was unchecked in the customizer
  • fixed : Allow child themes to load translation files : By changing the call of the path on load_theme_textdomain from get_template_directory to get_stylesheet_directory we allow the translation of the theme through child themes. Without this, a child theme won’t load their own language files even by hooking a function on after_setup_theme action callng load_theme_textdomain and/or load_child_theme_textdomain.
  • added : New option in customizer > Global Settings > Performances and SEO > Use Structured Data Markup. Implements Google Micro-formats compatibility for author, dates, title, entry content.
  • added : new option in the customizer to control the visibility of the help button and the “About Hueman” admin page
  • updated : single.php for a better compatibility with wp_pagenavi for multi-part posts
  • fixed : better titles for the sidebar metaboxes for the single post and page
  • fixed : primary and secondary widget zone descriptions
  • updated : German translation de_DE
  • updated : Italian translation it_IT
  • updated : Russian translation ru_RU
  • updated : French translation fr_FR
  • added : Turkish translation tr_TR
  • added : Persian translation fa_IR

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