The Featured Pages Unlimited plugin for WordPress is a simple and powerful solution to engage your visitors on your most visited page : home. The plugin allows you to select the most important content of your website, and display it on home beautifully, with a cool hover effect and call to action buttons. All options are set in live preview with the WordPress customizer which makes it easy as breeze.

Compatible with WordPress 3.4+ up to 5.2.0

Fully Responsive (check it on the demo site!)

Cross browser tested

Easy to install, fast support and well documented

Clean and easily extensible code with a comprehensive hook's API

Secured payment

  • ✓ Unlimited websites
  • ✓ Lifetime Usage : once purchased you can use it as long as you want
  • ✓ Free support and updates for one year
  • ✓ Risk-free : 15 days money back guarantee

Last update : May 2019

Current Version : 2.1.16 (see the changelog)


To start with the Featured Pages Unlimited plugin, fire the WordPress customizer in appareance > customize and open the Featured Pages section.

The plugin comes with really cool options that are all set in live preview in the customizer before publishing live. This makes customization ridiculously simple.

You’ll find a complete documentation of this plugin here.


Exemples of integration with Customizr and the most popular WordPress themes


Location, number of pages / posts and layout

Since v1.4 of the plugin, you can choose a predefined location or set a custom one for your featured pages.

Choose a predefined location

The FPU plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme. By default, the featured pages block will be positioned right before your post list or your page on home.

For the most popular themes of, you will even have more predefined locations using some built-in hooks of those themes.

Just select a location in the dropdown list. To use a custom location, see the detailed documentation.


Define a page number

Just set a number of featured pages, save and refresh the customizer. The featured pages select fields will be generated automatically to allow you to choose the content you need to feature.

Choose a layout

You can choose 4 different layout in the dropdown list :

  • 1 page by line
  • 2 pages by line
  • 3 pages by line
  • 4 pages by line

The plugin uses a  responsive fluid grid layout and will automatically adjust the featured pages to any devices, no matter which layout options you have choosen.

See below with 4 featured pages and 2 blocks by lines. featured-page-example-2-rows


Setting a custom location New!

Since v1.4, you can now define a custom location very easily in three simple steps.

1) in the location dropdown list, select “Custom location”

2) in the text field that is revealed, write the name of your hook. For example : “my_custom_hook”

3) in your choosen template, add your hook as follow :

Hint : in most WordPress themes, the best place to add your hook is at the very bottom of the header.php template.

If your are new to hooks and templates in WordPress, you might want to read those resources :


Selecting your content

With Featured Pages Unlimited. you can feature any content of your WordPress website. Not only pages, but also posts and even custom post types you have created.

Just open the drop down list for each of your featured pages, and select your content.

featured pages selection

Coming soon : Ability to add a custom link for any featured page. (If you have already purchased the plugin, you’ll find this feature in the next upgrade )


Choosing your main colors

The main color section of the settings allows you to set the featured pages block background and to check the random colors option

Choosing the background color

You can easily choose your background color in live preview with a handy color picker

main colrs


Enabling the random “flat design” looking colors Must try!

This is a really cool features which will make your home page look really unique for any visitor on your site. It uses a random “flat design” colors generator to paint your featured pages : image circle, title, text and button. Of course, it keeps the nice zoom effect when hovering the different featured pages. random-colored-featured-pages

Thumbnails settings

The images are set with the “featured image” of each pages or posts. If you did not set a featured image, the plugin will select the first picture attached to the page/post and use it as a thumbnail.

You can show or hide the page/posts thumbnail in one click. If you have enabled the random colors option, check the “Override random colors” option to show your image. (checked by default).

Thumbnails options


New (Nov 2014)! You can choose the shape of the thumbnail and decide to apply or not an effect on mouse hover with a new dropdown list :

Shapes and effect dropdown



Below is a screenshot of 4 squared featured pages by line, with flat random colors enabled and with expand effect on mouse hover.

Example with 4 squared featured pages by lines with expand effect on hover



Title and excerpt settings

This option will help you to customize the look of title and the text of the excerpt. You can even hide theme if necessary. Just play with those options  in the customizer before publishing live!



Customizing the call to action buttons

The buttons are very important since they are the doors of your visitor’s engagement. Choose their style carrefully in accordance with your theme.

Like for the thumbnails or the texts : if you have enabled the random colors option, check the “Override random colors” option to prioritize your custom button style.




Developers : Clean, extensible and robust code

This plugin offers a modular structure based on a comprehensive hook’s API (learn more about WordPress filters and actions). It uses the bests WordPress coding standards which makes customizations easy as breeze, without ever needing to modify the core structure.

In the snippets section of this websites, you can find many examples of ready to paste code snippets for the Featured Pages Unlimited WordPress plugin.

= 2.1.16 May 14th 2019 =
  • improved : remove title attribute on fp thubmnails and readmore button
= 2.1.15 April 9th 2019 =
  • fixed : changed priority of WooCommerce option so that it is displayed at the right place
= 2.1.14 April 5th 2019 =
  • improved : implemented a new checkbox style for the customizer controls
= 2.1.13 March 21st 2019 =
  • fixed : Static page on home => display the FP even if no page is specified. fixes #139
= 2.1.12 March 5th 2019 =
  • improved : added an option to include WooCommerce products in the list of possible featured posts, disabled by default. fixes #138
= 2.1.11 February 27th 2019 =
  • fixed : compatibility with WP 5.1
= 2.1.10 February 14th 2019 =
  • fixed : removed unwanted lines displayed around the images of the featured pages on chrome
  • improved : better horizontal centering of the featured pages in their row
= 2.1.9 November 16th 2018 =
  • improved : add wp 5.0 compatibility patch
= 2.1.8 September 18th 2018 =
  • Fix: do not set the fpu img min height to 100% when js-centering disabled
  • Updated the plugin updater
= 2.1.7 March 29th 2018 =
  • Fix: class_browsers.php: Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7. fixes #124
  • Fix: modern - fpu container position must be relative
= 2.1.6 February 6th 2018 =
  • Fix: minor fixes in the activation key admin page
= 2.1.5 January 18th 2018 =
  • Fix: fpu font-size responsiveness
= 2.1.4 January 5th 2018 =
  • Fix: the number of feat. pages by line option disappearing after selection in the customizer
= 2.1.3 November 2nd 2017 =
  • Imp : better image centering and lazy loading on front
= 2.1.2 September 20th 2017 =
  • Fix: js error when not in home and front fpu js cached with w3tc
= 2.1.1 September 7th 2017 =
  • Fix: do not force button text default color as inline CSS in front
= 2.1.0 July 22th 2017 =
  • Fix: fix single fp random background color
  • Fix: hide fpc btn according to the display option
  • Fix: spacing adjustments
= 2.0.33 June 9th 2017 =
  • Fix: do not copy back activatio-key related classes in addons mode
  • Imp: fix compatibility with polylang-pro
= 2.0.32 March 31st 2017 =
  • Fix: add required post id param to the_title filter
= 2.0.31 February 20th 2017 =
  • Fix: always enqueue holder.js in customizer preview
  • Imp: for plugins compatibility apply the_title filter to the fpu title
  • Fix: avoid blank lines before DOCTYPE declaration
= 2.0.30 January 31st 2017 =
  • Imp: improve front fpu in order to enqueue resources only when needed
  • Fix: fix theme names in config.json
  • Fix: escape title attributes used in fp round-div and readmore button
= 2.0.29 January 22nd 2017 =
  • Fix: Featured Pages Unlimited, escape title attributes used in fp round-div and readmore button
  • Fix: activation key : make sure dealing with wp_error object before trying to use its method
= 2.0.28 December 6th 2016 =
  • Fix: js and css compatibility fixes for wp 4.7
= 2.0.27 October 28th 2016 =
  • Fix: enqueue addon resource before main theme one
= 2.0.26 October 17th 2016 =
  • fixed : php versions < 5.3 issue
  = 2.0.25 October 16th 2016 =
  • fixed : customizer style
  = 2.0.24 October 12th 2016 =
  • Imp: updated some function prefixes
  = 2.0.23 September 14th 2016 =
  • Imp: add compatibility code for Super Socializer plugin
  = 2.0.22 August 24th 2016 =
  • Fix: Theme activation issue fixed for Unlimited Sites plan
  = 2.0.21 August 22nd 2016 =
  • Fix: don\'t try to use a non existing wmpl function (missing wpml-addon)
  = 2.0.20 March 14th 2016 =
  • Fix: never display edit links in the customizer
  = 2.0.19 January 30th 2016 =
  • Fix: dynamically retrieve the current theme (name/version)
  = 2.0.18 December 10th 2015 =
  • added : Compatibility with WP 4.4 responsive image feature
  = 2.0.17 October 16th 2015 =
  • added: WPML Compatibility
  = 2.0.16 October 16th 2015 =
  • Fix: hide theme\'s skin style buttons when required
  • Fix: Customizer- hide thumbnails related sub-options when \'Display
  • Fix: Customizer - hide \'slave\' options on wp ready when \'master\' options
  = 2.0.15 September 21st 2015 =
  • Fix: FPU, fix not refreshing thumbnail when post trashed
  • Impr: FPU, Allow fp img smartload when relative Customizr option is enabled
  = 2.0.14 August 24th 2015 =
  • fix: Get rid of outdated code regarding fpu-text
  = 2.0.13 August 19th 2015 =
  • Fix: less expensive way to grab posts/pages to select as featured page.
  • Fix: proper handle the case fp_per_row == 1
  • Fix: do not update the tb post meta as soon as you enter tha add
  = 2.0.12 July 17th 2015 =
  • changed : adapt code to the latest Customizr changes
  = 2.0.11 May 15th 2015 =
  • Fix: polylang cast fpu options to array, needed when no options are set
  = 2.0.10 April 29th 2015 =
  • added : php code improvements, new way to filter a single option with \"tc_fpc_get_opt_{$option_name}\" + some handy filters on featured pages number
  • Fix: use stronger selectors for fp spans
  = 2.0.9 April 10th 2015 =
  • fixed : handles the case when a post has been deleted
  • add support for preview context in tc_get_theme_name()
  • updated : site name and copyright dates
  • Fix use correct callback for fpc_text filter
  • Fix: final lang plugins compatibility
  • Add: initial lang plugins compatibility
  • Fix: properly loading of textdomain when as addon
  • Fix: recenter on fp block class changed
  • Fix: better definition of js deps in front js enqueing 2
  • Fix: italian translation update
  • Fix: better definition of js deps in front js enqueing
  = 2.0.8 March 15th 2015 =
  • Fix: various centering css rules
  = 2.0.7 March 9th 2015 =
  • replaced get_the_excerpt filter by the_excerpt
  = 2.0.6 March 2nd 2015 =
  • fix default_fp_text_length not defined
  = 2.0.5 March 2nd th 2015 =
  • improved : better limit chars number handling
  • updated : italian translation
  • improved : use of get_the_excerpt hook
  • added js fp img dynamic centering option
  • improved fp titles line height fo~r a better accessibility
  • added edit link after the fp titles when user is logged in and has the capabilities
  • updated : uses a utils_thumbnails class, inspired from TC_post_thumbnail class
  • updated filter name for text to get_the_excerpt
  • Fix: use a more proper filter to which pass the ->post_excerpt
  = 2.0.4 February 13th 2015 =
  • Fix: use text-domain prefix for translations files
  • Fix: fp button display nothing if empty
  • Fix: perform tc_setup after_setup_theme when as addon in customizr-pro
  • Fix: temporary fix, don\'t include woocommerce products in fp
  • Fix: use a more proper filter to which pass the ->post_excerpt
  • Fix: don\'t retrieve already retrieved post/page object when getting the excerpt
  = 2.0.3 December 12th 2014 =
  • 51b73c3 fix customizr pro name to customizr-pro in config.json
  = 2.0.2 Decembre 7th, 2014 =
  • c357a6c Fix the comment bubble bug. get_the_title not used anymore.
  = 2.0.1 : December 6th, 2014 =
  • 778228d create unique names for the jquery plugin css file enqueue slugs avoid collision with other TC plugins
  • 55c7e8a add support for panels plugin section is located in content panel on addon mode
  • a47cb17 replace plugins_url() by sprintf()
  • 3295210 update the digital store url for updates and activation
  • 989cf88 include git folder and files when copying in customizr-pro => manage it as a submodule
= 2.0.0 : December 1st, 2014 =
  • ff2ace5 customizer controls : fix jquery plugins assets issues
  • c009a1d fix jshint issues
  • 9519081 include git folder for addon
  • 8a68f25 change path from inc/addon to addon
  • c570558 added customizr-pro in config.json
  • c817d2f jquery plugins assets reorganization add TC_FPU_BASE_URL constant plug option prefix is different in addon mode : tc_pro_fpu
= 1.17 : November 5th, 2014 =
  • added : (php, class_front_fpu.php ) new hook for fp location : \'tc_fp_location\'
  • fixed : (php, front/classes/class_front_fpu.php ) added compatibility with JetPack photon
  • updated (js, holder.js) version 2.4 of the script.
  • improved : (php, class-fire-ressources.php) performance : holder.min.js is now loaded when FP are set to show images
  • improved : (php, js, css) All js and CSS resources, in admin and front end, are queried with the version number parameter in wp_enqueue_...()
  • improved : (js) In customizing mode, jQuery plugins icheck, stepper, selecter are loaded only when necessary. For example : \'function\' != typeof(jQuery.fn.stepper) => avoir double loading if a plugin/theme already uses this $ module
  • improved : (php, class-front_fpu.php) Edit Featured Pages button is displayed if is_user_logged_in() AND current_user_can( \'edit_theme_options\' )
  • improved : (php, class_front_fpu) tc_set_fp_hook is now a callback of template_redirect instead of wp_head
  • added : (php, class_front_fpu) fpc_random_color_list to filter the random color list
  • added : (php, class_front_fpu) new option to choose the shape and effect of the featured page thumbnail
  = 1.16 : May 31st, 2014 =
  • fixed : (php) if Customizr theme is used, added a check if method exists and has action before removing fp action
  = 1.15 : May 29th, 2014 =
  • fixed : (css) added z-index:0 to the .fpc-container selector
  = 1.14 May 29th, 2014 =
  • added : (json) compatibility with the Genesis framework
  = 1.13 =
  • added : (php) version and version upgraded from option on plugin activation
  = 1.12 =
  • fixed : (php, class_controls_fpc.php) in case : dropdown-posts-pages, $tc_all_posts array() has to be declared before filling it
  • fixed : (css) removed media query for devices < 320 px
  • changed : (php, class_controls_fpc.php) in case : dropdown-posts-pages, changed \'numberposts\' to -1
  • improved : (css, js) add !important to background-color and border-color
  • added : when layout is 4 by lines, new option to force responsive behaviour for devices < 979px
  • added : (php, admin) system infos page to paste for support request. Uses a browser\'s class librairy by Chris Schuld (
  • improved : (php , class_utils_fpu.php) tc_fpc_get_option will return false if option not set
  = 1.11 =
  • improved : (css) better centering for mobile devices max-width 480px
  • added : (css, php) dynamic class name of the theme added to body tag
= 1.10 =
  • improved : (js : fpu-front.min.js) better handling of dynamic span classes
  • improved : (js : fpu-customizer-preview.min.js, php : class_front-fpu) button text color property set as !important
= 1.9 =
  • fixed : (js) prevent conflict with WPF : dynamic style for title and excerpts in fpu-cutomizr-preview.js is set with attr(\'style\' + !important instead of css(\'color\')
= 1.8 =
  • fixed : (css) title and excerpt color set to !important when random mode enabled
  • fixed : (php) option fp_number_per_line called with __get_fpc_option to get the default in class utils
= 1.7 =
  • fixed : (php) better handling of previous featured pages settings id on update
= 1.6 =
  • fixed : (php) bug in class_front_fpu.php for older version of PHP
  • fixed : (css) better centering of thumbnail
= 1.5 =
  • fixed : (css) button text color overrides random colors
  • fixed : (css, php) custom colors set flagged !important
  • improved : (js) better handling of the front end javascript with var localization
  • improved : (js) check if jQuery is registered and enqueued for old themes
  = 1.4 =
  • added : compatibility with any WordPress theme
  • added : predefined location for most popular themes : twenty fourteen, twenty thirteen, twenty twelve, twenty eleven, twenty ten, customizr, alexandria, responsive, spacious, swift basic, vantage, sixteen, virtue, attitude, radiate, ridizain, portfolio press, pinboard, ifeature, catch kathmandu, evolve, weaver ii, sugar and spice, raindrops, coller, dms, coraline, catch box, catch evolution, mantra, tempera, iconic one, destro
  • added : new option section in the WordPress customizer
  • added : new option : select a predefined or custom location (with a hook)
  • added : new option : customize the background color
  • added : new option : thumbnails override the random colors
  • added : new option : customize title/excerpt colors
  • added : new option : disable the 200 char. limit for excerpt
  • added : new option : select button style
  • added : new option : customize the button text color
  • improved : better loading performance with minified stylesheet
  • improved : better handling of default options
  • improved : better loading performance with minified stylesheet
  = 1.3 =
  • fixed : (php) plugin update issue : the plugin was still displaying an update notification after update
= 1.2 =
  • improved : (php) Admin : better handling of activation key timeout and nonce
= 1.1 =
  • changed : (php) Admin : title of activation key admin page
= 1.0 =
  • initial release