The WordPress Font Customizer is a professional web design solution to customize any text of your WordPress theme. Take full control of your fonts in any WordPress themes with a beautiful and powerful live preview user interface.

  • Use the plugin in any WordPress theme
  • Save hours of endless iterations from back to front and preview live 650+ Google and web safe fonts
  • Apply 40+ CSS3 effects in one click to any text of your site Must try!
  • Preview any changes before publishing
  • Add unlimited custom font controls live to any CSS of your website  New!
  • No need to be a CSS ninja anymore! Take full control of your font style : size, color, letter-spacing, hover color, ..

Compatible with WordPress 3.4+ up to 4.9.1

Cross browser tested

Easy to install, fast support and well documented

Clean and easily extensible code with a comprehensive hook's API

Secured payment




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Extensions subject to yearly support and updates. Read the terms of sales.

Current Version : 2.0.22 (see the changelog)

Overview & Documentation

Take the video tour!


Select among 650 + google fonts and regular web fonts

It has never been so easy to preview your fonts : just mouse hover the font and it is instantly displayed in your website preview.

You can even preview the font in the font-family drop down list (works fine n Chrome and Opera).



Select and apply beautiful and impacting CSS3 effects to any text



Bye bye CSS stylesheets : style your font properties and see the result live!




Add unlimited controls to beautifully design any text of your website New!

The new version of the WordPress Font Customizer plugin comes with a unique feature that allows you to take control of any text of your WordPress site.

You can add controls, organize them by groups (header, body, posts, sidebars, …), edit and remove them in just a few clicks, live from the WordPress customizer.

  1. Open the Custom Control panel and click on “Add a new control”,
  2. Choose a name,
  3. Set your css selector(s),
  4. Select the location group you want to add this custom control to.
  5. Click on “Add”



Controls are nicely organized by location

When using the plugin out of the box and with any WordPress theme, you’ll see a number of preset font controls (default font, links, headings, blockquote, …). You can add an unlimited number of new controls and organize them by location like header, posts/page, or sidebars for example.

Customizr Theme users : when using WordPress Font Customizer with the Customizr theme, we have even made your life simpler : almost all controls have already been created for you!


Override existing styles

The WordPress Font Customizer plugin includes an option to override the existing style of your theme. From a technical CSS standpoint, this handy feature will add the !important flag to the CSS properties of the control for each you have checked this option.


Going further : a selection of font resources


Font Size Resources

Font Troubleshooting

Installation and setup


Once purchased, you can either :

1) upload the zip file right from your WordPress admin in Plugins > Add New > Upload tab

2) Unzip the plugin and transfer it by FTP to your wp-content/plugins folder.



Simply activate the plugin like you do for any other plugins in your WordPress admin.


Activation key settings

You will receive an activation key along with your purchase confirmation. This key will allow you to get automatic upgrades for the purchased extensions.

To activate your key, Go to Plugins > Press Customizr Keys, paste your key, save and activate and you’re done.



Each time a new version is released, you will see an update notification in your WP admin > plugins, like for any other WordPress plugin.

To update your plugin, just follow those steps :
1) in your plugin’s page, check the checkbox close to the plugin
2) go on top of the list in the bulk actions dropdown, select update and apply



Want discount? Check out our extension bundle.

Already user of a pro theme? Contact us to get a special offer.

= 2.0.22 June 9th 2017 =
  • fixed : avoid double slashes when defining wfc base url. Double slash might hurt caching plugins as when specifying the path of the scripts to treat in a different the double slash might make the match fail. Which is what happens with w3tc for example.
  • updated : wfc customizer colors
  • improved : removed the requirejs dependency in conflict with WP4.8
  • improved : first add of compatibility code for hueman-pro-addons and hueman-pro
  • improved : Hueman themes compatibility
  • improved : deactivate the add_editor_style callback on after_setup_theme. Was not used in the editor and could trigger errors.
= 2.0.21 January 6th 2017 =
  • Imp: encode pipes when requesting multiple gfont families
= 2.0.20 December 6th 2016 =
  • Fix: js and css compatibility fixes for wp 4.7
= 2.0.19 October 28th 2016 =
  • Imp: get rid of the menu item first letter style patch for Customizr theme
= 2.0.18 October 17th 2016 =
  • fix : php versions < 5.3 issue
  = 2.0.17 October 12th 2016 =
  • Imp: add backward compatibility code ( function prefixes) for the Customizr theme
  = 2.0.16 August 24th 2016 =
  • fix : don\'t add_editor_style to WYSIWIG editor if no google font have been picked by user
  • Fix: Theme activation issue fixed for Unlimited Sites plan
  • Checked : WP 4.6 100% compatible
  = 2.0.15 June 14th 2016 =
  •  fix: solve some WP theme compatibility issue (requirejs and select2)
  = 2.0.14 March 14th 2016 =
  • fix: issue with menu items in Arabic
  = 2.0.13 January 23rd 2016 =
  • fix: remove closing php tag at the end of pure php files
  = 2.0.12 July 29th 2015 =
  • updated : (css) customizr.json : added a specific class for the new Customizr side menu
  • fix : make the adding of custom fonts a little bit easier with the filter : \'tc_font_customizer_control_params\'
  • fix: add rules to style grid post list titles
  = 2.0.11 April 10th 2015 =
  • updated : added missing customizr skins
  • updated : site name and copyright dates
  • Fix : get the right theme name when previewing a non active theme
  • Fix : properly loading of textdomain when used as Customizr Pro addon
  • Fix : extend first-letter fix to customizr-pro
  • Fix : front js register and enqueue jquery if necessary
= 2.0.10 January 25th, 2015 =
  • Hide controls on load when they are not wrapper in zones, since wp 4.1+
= 2.0.9 Decembre 23rd, 2014 =
  • 0af5a1c Safer fix for the hidden font customizer controls. Cross browser compatible and compatible with WP version 4.1+
= 2.0.8 Decembre 21th, 2014 =
  • 9176748 follow up of the font customizer controls not showing up. Additional delay added to init the sections
= 2.0.7 Decembre 20th, 2014 =
  • ba45f18 fix the api.reflowPaneContents bug
= 2.0.6 Decembre 7th, 2014 =
  • 6fd2a06 fix plugin / addon collisions
= 2.0.5 Decembre 6th, 2014 =
  • b11d51a change green color to #27CDA5 / #1B8D71 fix minor CSS issues in the customizer
= 2.0.4 December 6th, 2014 =
  • 8acb568 multiple Google font requests optimization during font selection request necessary characters only
= 2.0.3 December 6th, 2014 =
  • e94afbf displays unminified script in plugins dev mode only AND if unmified file exists!
= 2.0.2 December 6th, 2014 =
  • 2709680 update the digital store url
  • 3194f29 include git folder and files when copying in customizr-pro => manage it
  • e17a149 include git folder for addon
  • 2c06e2c change the addon path from inc/addon to addon
= 2.0.1 December 3rd, 2014 =
  • e15b3a8 fix stepper issue when not using customizr theme
  • afd2d6e customizer control script displays unminified script in plugins dev mode only
= 2.0.0 December 2nd, 2014 =
  • filepath : dynamic value setting with the watch event
  = 1.20 November 5th, 2014 =
  • Avoid conflict with Font Customizer plugin.
  • Fix the menu item issue in Customizr theme
  • Fix the reset single selector issue
  • Fix !important flag bug. Reset font-family property
  • If WP_DEPUG is enabled, loads unminified scripts and stylesheets
  • If js app exists on server AND WP_DEBUG enabled => open the dev set js files
  • Verify if select, icheck, stepper are already loaded
  = 1.19 November 3rd, 2014 =
  • fixed (css, php:class_dyn_style.php) fix the first letter issue in the menu (reported here
  • fixed (css) customizer reset icon fixed
  • improved (js) the stepper js control in the customizer now allows negative value=> useful to set a negative letter-spacing for example
  • improved (js, css) Plugin version has been added a query parameter to all resources in wp_enqueue...()
  • fixed (php) system info instanciation only once
  • improved(php, js) control script is now registerd before beeing enqueued
= 1.18 July 1, 2014 =
  • fixed (php) minor bug fixed on editor style fonts update after theme switch
= 1.17 June 30, 2014 =
  • added : (php, css, js) new option to add/edit/remove custom selectors
  • added : (php, css, js) compatibility with any WordPress themes
= 1.16 June 12, 2014 =
  • fixed : (php, css) websafe fonts : removed single quote wrapper on front end stylesheet.
= 1.15 May 29, 2014 =
  • fixed : (js) added important property to font-family in customizer live preview
  • improved : (css, php) dynamic style is now loaded in two parts in wp_head : fonts are loaded first before everything (avoid thre FOUC) and the rest is loaded after every other stylesheets
= 1.14 May 19, 2014 =
  • fixed : (css) some menu items css properties were not applied. Improved specificity in customizr.json
= 1.13 May 18, 2014 =
  • fixed : (css) icons hiding set as !important
  • improved : (js) Performance improvement : to avoid the Flash of Unstyled Content (FOUC) google fonts are not handled with webfontload.js anymore. They are added earlier in <head>.
  • improved :(php, css) dyn-style is written in head on front end (=> better loading performance than the previous dyn_style.php).
  • added : (css, php) dyn_style.php and gfonts have been added in the editor style
  • added : (php) link to settings in plugin page
  • added : (php) system info page for better support
  • added : (php) upgraded from option
  • improved : (css) fontselect.css has been minified
  • todo : (css) adapt the dyn_style when loaded for editor style
= 1.12 =
  • fixed : (css, js) webfontload : avoid the FOUT for IE
  • mproved : (css) minified version of font_customizer.css for front end style
  • improved : (php) version of plugin added as parameter when calling font_customizer.min.css
= 1.11 =
  • fixed : (css) customizr.json : added a specific class for site-description in responsive mode
  • fixed : (js) font-customizer-front.js : skip the all-subsets case
= 1.10 =
  • fixed : (css) customizr.json : Featured Pages classes are now more specific in dyn-style.php to override the default FPU front style in front-FPU.css
= 1.9 =
  • fixed : (css) new css classes compliant with FPU 1.4+ update
  • fixed : (css) more specific style for selecter (possible conflict with other plugins using the same style)
  • fixed : (css) higher z-index for
= 1.8 =
  • improved : (php) add the plugin file name as argument in updater
= 1.7 =
  • fixed : (php, js) bug when selecting grey skin for Customizr theme
= 1.6 =
  • fixed : (php) Selector list was generating header already sent warning
= 1.5 =
  • fixed : (php) Google fonts were not retrieved properly
= 1.4 =
  • improved : (php) performance : better options handling in database
  • improved : (json) json settings are read with file_get_contents first, then wp_remote_fopen
= 1.3 =
  • fixed : (php) hover effect was not taken into account in dyn-style.php for multiple selectors
  • fixed : (json) customizr settings for widget titles selectors => increased css specificity to override default style
  • improved : (php) selectors settings are refreshed on activation/desactivation. Plugins options and transients are cleaned on uninstall.
= 1.2 =
  • fixed : (php) Admin : Fixed a bug on update notification
  • fixed : (js) better handling of CSS3 inset effect live preview
= 1.1 =
  • fixed : (php) Admin : better handling of activation key timeout and nonce
= 1.0 =
  • initial release