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Removing the title links in post lists

The Customizr theme displays by default your post titles as links pointing to the single post. Here’s a simple way (using some javascript) to remove those links if you ever need to. Paste the following code in your functions.php : add_action(‘wp_head’ , ‘remove_post_list_title_links’); function remove_post_list_title_links() { ?> <script id=”remove-links-in-title” type=”text/javascript”> […]

Adding Google Analytics to Customizr

For Customizr-Pro and Hueman-Pro users: You can paste your Google Analytics tracking code in a specific field designed for that. Please read the following documenation: Customizr-Pro Hueman-Pro   If you’re not a developer, you can refer to this complete documentation on setting up your Google Analytics tracking code with a plugin.   Here’s […]