Hook: __before_main_container

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Add a specific page or post content in another post or page

Following this discussion in the Customizr theme support forum, here’s a simple piece of code that will allow you to add any post or page before your post or page content in the Customizr WordPress theme. The following snippet will add the content on your front page and before the featured […]

Disabling the Customizr’s breadcrumb on some pages

Hi, You might need to disable the built-in Customizr breadcrumb in some contexts of your website. You can easily unhook the breadcrumb actions by checking the post types, or using the WordPress built-in conditional tags.   Use case : disabling the breadcrumb on the WooCommerce product pages All product pages […]

Move the featured pages block anywhere on front page

Howdy, Here’s a simple recipe to change the featured pages block position in Customizr, we two lines of code! Like for the slider positioning, we will : 1 find the method controlling the featured pages block 2 identify the wanted hook to place the block 3 write the code in functions.php […]