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Customizr Pro

Premium version of the popular Customizr theme, top rated theme

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Your visitors expect a perfect experience on mobile devices.

In 2024, more people search on mobile devices than computers, and your visitors are five times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t mobile-friendly.

The Customizr Pro theme loads fast and look almost like an app on smartphones. It has been designed to increase your traffic and engage your visitors. You can easily create the websites that your visitor expect, professional-looking with conversion oriented features.

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· FLASH SALE 🎉 ! Get 20% off at checkout with code JUNE24 only until June 30th, 2024! ·

Customizr Pro
Premium Bundle


$ 49
Immediate access to Customizr Pro
★★★★★ Pro version of one of the best rated theme on We are proud that the Customizr theme has received one of the highest number of 5-stars reviews ever among more than 5000+ themes on as of July 20th 2024, with five stars reviews. (source :
  • Unlimited websites activation
  • Yearly subscription   A subscription billed yearly until cancelled.
  • 1 year access to product updates
  • 1 year access to product support
  • 15 days money back guarantee   We offer a 15-days money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are not happy with your plan, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked!


$ 99 Includes 2 premium themes + 3 premium plugins.
Immediate access to Customizr Pro Premium version of the popular Customizr theme, downloaded 3+ millions times on More details here .
Hueman Pro theme, Premium version of Hueman, best reviewed theme ever for blogs and magazines on More details here .
Nimble Builder Pro, Premium version of Nimble Builder, popular page builder used by 50K+ websites. Compatible with any WordPress theme. More details here .
WordPress Font Customizer Premium WordPress plugin allowing to customize any text in live preview. Compatible with any WordPress theme. More details here . ,
Featured Pages Unlimited Premium WordPress plugin allowing to easily and nicely feature your important content ( post, page, product, ... ). Compatible with any WordPress theme. More details here .
  • Unlimited websites activation
  • Yearly subscription   A subscription billed yearly until cancelled.
  • 1 year access to product updates
  • 1 year access to product support
  • 15 days money back guarantee   We offer a 15-days money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are not happy with your plan, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked!
  Live Customization : preview your changes in real-time in the live customizer and safely publish once ready.
    Perfect display on all devices  ∕       Tested with all major browsers  ∕    Validated HTML markup  ∕    Optimized performances and SEO  ∕    Designed to increase conversions  ∕    Ready for WooCommerce  ∕     Tested with the latest WordPress version (v6.6)  ∕    Complete documentation  ∕    An average of 2 updates / months  ∕    Translation ready

Last update : April 2024

Current Version : 2.4.25 ( see the changelog )

Thousands of Customizr fans can’t be wrong.

Users of the Customizr theme have created successful websites for their businesses or personal sites. 

The Customizr Pro theme is the result of many years of development and improvements, mostly based on feedback from our users. We are continuously updating our WordPress theme with the latest web technologies, to keep our customers satisfied with a fast and beautiful website.

We are proud to receive incredible feedbacks.

Upgrading to Customizr Pro is simple and safe.

Based on our users feedback, we decided not to add too many unnecessary features that are often slowing down websites. We have, rather, focused on the key ones that help you increase your trafic and engage your visitors.

When you install Customizr Pro, your existing settings and customizations, and all features of Customizr free are preserved, and you'll get instant access to the following additional premium features :

  • Featured Pages Unlimited . Engaging your visitors has never been easier. Feature any content on your home page. Worth $29 as stand-alone plugin.
  • Contact Informations Block . Optional pro module to display various contact infos and opening hours on top of your header.
  • Infinite Scroll. In the Customizr Pro theme, you can enable the infinite scrolling for any list of posts, like on your home page for example. Your posts are loaded dynamically as your visitors scroll down the page, like on a Facebook wall. This significantly speed up your website, in particular on mobile devices. Check how cool it looks on your mobile in the demo.

  • Font Customizer . A totally unique and awesome module, allowing you to style any text of your website in live preview with 650+ fonts and 40+ typography effects. Worth $29 as stand-alone plugin. (more details here)
  • Post Grid Customizer . Turn your blog posts and portfolio into clean and fluid grids with a masonry layout on desktop devices and looking perfect on mobiles.
  • Footer Customizer . Easily customize your footer credits and copyrights in live preview.
  • Display a full width and mobile ready carousel of your latest posts in any posts or pages in a few clicks. You can also pick a specific post category for your carousel.
  • Menu Customizer . Reveal your side menu with a collection of cool effects.
  • Custom Scripts . Add your Google Analytics or any custom scripts and css stylesheets safely from the live customizer.
  • Free updates and support(*). As a Customizr Pro user, you have access to automatic updates from your WordPress dashboard and support by email.
  • Comprehensive documentation. Customizr Pro is super easy to use. But if you need help, you'll find answers in our complete online documentation.

Visit the demo here.

(*) We release an average of 2 updates by months including new features, plugin compatibility fixes, bug fixes. We always test the newest WordPress version several weeks before the official release to make sure it is 100% compliant with Customizr Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions you may have before purchasing the theme.

As soon as you order is completed, you’ll be able to download your product right from the payment confirmation page.
You will also receive a purchase receipt email including a download link to your product.
You can connect at any time on your account on, and download your purchased product from there.

Installing your theme

The theme is delivered as  .zip file. ( what is a .zip file on wikipedia ? )

You don’t need to unzip the .zip file.

  1. Log into your WordPress site
  2. In your WordPress administration, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New.
  3. From there you’ll see an option for “Upload” at the top of the screen. Click the “Browse” button, navigate your computer files and select the .ZIP file for your downloaded extension. For an in-depth documentation about WordPress theme manual installation, read the official documentation.
  4. Click on Activate and you’re ready to go 🎉 !

Note : If you use a Mac, you might need to change your preferences in Safari to stop automatically unzipping files. More about this here.

Activation of your product key

You will receive an activation key along with your purchase email confirmation. You will need to activate it on your website. As long as this key is valid, it will allow you to get automatic updates for your theme.

Yes ! You can upgrade your plan at a prorated rate on your account page when logged into our site. The prorated rate means that you’ll be charged for the price difference between your current plan and the new one.

Yes. Your yearly subscription will automatically renew after one year. A reminder email is sent two weeks before the renewal so you can decide whether or not you want to keep your plan active.
You can cancel the subscription at any time on your account page. However an active license key is required to receive updates and get support.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime from your account. After cancellation, you won’t be charged anymore and your license key will be active until expiration of your yearly plan.

When you plan expires, you don’t receive updates anymore and you can’t access premium product support.

Unlike yearly subscription, lifetime plan is a one-time payment. Once purchased, you’ll get lifetime access to product updates and support. You’ll have access to all current and future premium features and bug fixes.

Yes! You can install and activate your theme on personal or client websites.
The unlimited websites plan allows you to install and activate the theme on as many websites as you want.

No of course. All settings created with the free theme will be preserved when installing the pro one.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money without questions. You can apply for a refund within 15 days of purchase.

Yes. After completing your order, you’ll receive a purchased receipt by email with a direct link to your PDF invoice.

We are a French 🇫🇷 company founded in 2014, specialized in WordPress design and development. We create high quality themes and plugins that have received hundreds of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews. We focus on simplicity for users and modularity for developers.

In 2024, we are proud that our WordPress products power the websites of 200K+ businesses and individuals around the world.

📨 You can get in touch with us on our contact page, we’re always happy to help our customers 🙂.

Installing Customizr Pro only takes a few clicks

You need of course WordPress installed on the server of your web domain. Don’t worry, any domain reseller or hosting companies will install WordPress for you 🙂.

In your WordPress Dashboard ( ), click on Appearance > Themes > Add New, then :

  1. Click on the “Upload Theme” button,
  2. Choose the zip file of Customizr Pro that you have downloaded after your purchase,
  3. Click on “Install Now”.

Web Design is 95% typography

Customizr Pro includes a totally unique font customizer module ( worth $29 as stand-alone plugin ), allowing you to instantly select and preview live 650+ Google Fonts and 40+ effects.

Any text of your site can be customized : titles, paragraphs, links, or even custom css selectors. You can for example create attractive headings like on this page in a few clicks.

Design beautiful portfolios

Take full control of your posts or portfolio grids with many customizations features and effects : you'll rediscover how attractive a list of posts can be.

Your visitors want to see more pictures !

Feature your work or products as gallery carousels on your home or blog page, and without slowing down your website : our technology loads your images on demand. Documented here.

Ready for WooCommerce

100% compatible with WooCommerce to create your online store.

Start selling your products with Customizr Pro and WooCommerce. The theme includes features like a header shopping cart and a clean and professional product list grid.

Feature any content

Feature any content (post, pages, custom post type) of your website on your most visited page : home. Also available as a standalone plugin working in any WordPress theme : the Featured Pages Unlimited plugin (worth $29 as stand-alone plugin).


We are continuously improving our product to provide an optimal user experience for your visitors. With the Customizr theme, your website loads fast and adapts nicely on any device : smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Beautifully documented

We put a lot of work in our documentation and we hope you'll love browsing it. You can instantly find answers with our suggested results. If you think something is missing, contact us and we'll add it.

World Class Support from WordPress Experts

Customizr Pro is super easy to use, but if you need help, our team of developer is here to make your life easier.

That's why our beloved customers give us industry leading happiness ratings.

Our average resolution time is less than 12h00.

Our WordPress themes and plugins have been featured on the following websites

= 2.4.25 April 6th 2025 =
  • Fixed Vulnerability
  • Updated PHP 8 compatibility
= 2.4.24 May 8th 2023 =
  • Solved the blank customizer page issue
  • Fix warning in category pages
= 2.4.23 August 29th 2022 =
  • Created option to disable Google Fonts from loading
  • GDPR compliance
= 2.4.22 December 6th 2021 =
  • checked : [WP 5.9] preliminary successfull tests with the beta version of WordPress 5.9
  • update : [admin] admin page wording
= 2.4.21 October 27th 2021 =
  • fixed : [HTML] removed type attribute for script elements
  • fixed : [HTML] removed type attribute for style elements
  • fixed : [CSS] The first argument to the linear-gradient function should be \"to top\", not \"top\" as per w3 specification
  • fixed : [CSS] minor box-shadow property fix
  • fixed : [CSS] value hidden doesn\'t exist for property webkit-backface-visibility
= 2.4.20 October 6th 2021 =
  • fixed : [CSS] minor CSS W3C validation error
  • fixed : [CSS][customizer] improved style for textareas
  • improved : [admin] update notice style and wording
= 2.4.19 September 20th 2021 =
  • fixed : [PHP] improved compatibility with PHP 8.0
= 2.4.18 September 10th 2021 =
  • fixed : Using Tickets add-on for The Events Calendar generates a bug
  • improved : update notice now includes a link to changelog
  • added : sms and map icon in social list
  • improved : design of the theme\'s admin page
= 2.4.17 September 2nd 2021 =
  • fixed : [PHP8] improved compatibility with PHP8, fix social links displayed in sidebars even when unchecked in customizer options
= 2.4.16 August 25th 2021 =
  • fixed : [header][PHP8] tagline and social links in header might be displayed even when unchecked in options
  • fixed : [table style] disable CSS rule table-layout: fixed; on mobile devices to prevent displaying unreadable tables
= 2.4.15 July 28th 2021 =
  • fixed : [PHP8] theme updater possible error with PHP8
= 2.4.14 July 19th, 2021 =
  • 100% compatible with WordPress 5.8
  • fixed : [lazy load] compatibility with Nimble Builder
= 2.4.13 June 21st, 2021 =
  • fixed : [PHP] removed various deprecated calls in head and header
= 2.4.12 June 1st, 2021 =
  • fixed : [performance] Using wp_cache_set() can break sites using persistent caching like Memcached
  • fixed : [PHP8] compatibility issue ( required parameter follows optional parameter )
  • fixed : [accessibility] improve accessibility of checkbox toggle for slider options
  • fixed : [markup] remove W3C deprecated attributes for script and style tags
= 2.4.11 May 26th, 2021 =
  • fixed : [accessibility] accessibility of toggle checkboxes in the customizer
= 2.4.9 April 12th, 2021 =
  • fixed : [WooCommerce] checkboxes on checkout page can be broken when Font Awesome icons are not loaded
= 2.4.8 March 30th, 2021 =
  • fixed : [header] when centered on desktop, the site title stays left aligned
  • fixed : [PHP] error when global font-size left blank. \"Unsupported operand types: string / int\"
  • successufully tested with WP 5.7
= 2.4.7 February 2nd, 2021 =
  • fixed : [header] top offset issue when user logged in
  • fixed : Conflict with OptimizePress3
  • updated : Font Awesome icons to latest version (v5.15.2)
  • added : [social links] added Tiktok icon
= 2.4.6 January 22nd, 2021 =
  • fixed : [effect] effect not applied on all expected selectors due to an error in the inline javascript code
= 2.4.5 January 17th, 2021 =
  • fixed : [PHP 8] error Uncaught ValueError: Unknown format specifier “;” in core/czr-customize-ccat.php:966
= 2.4.4 January 13th, 2021 =
  • added : [featured pages] support for shortcodes in fp custom text
  • added : [social links] mastodon icon
= 2.4.3 January 8th, 2021 =
  • fixed : [PHP 8.0] broken value checks on boolean options
= 2.4.1 January 5th, 2021 =
  • fixed : [performance] preload customizr.woff2 font
  • fixed : [performance][php] removed duplicated queries for \'template\' option and thumbnail models
  • fixed : [performance] improve loading performance of Font awesome icons to comply with Google lighthouse metrics ( preload warning removed )
  • improved : [performance][footer] replaced font awesome WP icon
= 2.4.0 December 22nd, 2020 =
  • fixed : [PHP 8] Fix deprecation notices for optional function parameters declared before required parameter
= 2.3.14 December 10th, 2020 =
  • fixed : [WP 5.6][WP 5.7] replaced deprecated shorthands
  • fixed : [WP 5.6][fancybox] Close (x) link not working on pop-up image in galleries
  • fixed : [WP Gallery Block] padding style conflict created by the theme
= 2.3.13 December 2nd, 2020 =
  • fixed : [links] external links icons not displayed
= 2.3.12 December 1st, 2020 =
  • fixed : [menu] javascript error on click on menu item with an anchor link
= 2.3.11 December 1st, 2020 =
  • fixed : [headings] H3 heading size not smaller enough than H2 makes it difficult to distinguish
  • fixed : [WP 5.7] remove jquery-migrate dependencies
  • improved : [Font customizer][performance][JS] remove webfontload library from front js
  • improved : [Font customizer][performance][JS] write front js inline
  • improved : [Font customizer][performance][CSS] write base front CSS inline + load stylesheet for effects only when needed
  • improved : [Font customizer][performance][CSS] loads Google effect images locally
  • improved : [Home Features Pages][performance] print front js inline
= 2.3.10 November 23rd, 2020 =
  • fixed : [Links][classical style] when underline is disabled, hovering/activating a link should display the underline
= 2.3.9 November 19th, 2020 =
  • added : [CSS][links] added a new option to opt-out underline on links. Option located in customizer > Global Settings > Formatting
= 2.3.8 November 17th, 2020 =
  • fixed : [javascript] console warning when resizing in console due to an error in flickity slider script
= 2.3.7 November 17th, 2020 =
= 2.3.6 November 4th, 2020 =
  • fixed : [PHP] possible warning => \"Deprecated: Invalid characters passed for attempted conversion\" when converting hex colors
  • added : support for auto-update
= 2.3.5 November 2nd, 2020 =
  • tested : [WordPress] Customizr v4.3.5 is 100% compatible with WP 5.5.3
  • fixed : [Menu] right clicking a parent menu item breaks sub-menu items auto-collapse
  • fixed : [CSS] add back the \"home\" CSS class to body tag when user picked option \"Don\'t show any posts or page\"
  • fixed : [Infinite scrool] WooCommerce, if infinite scroll is not supported,remove the \"load more products\" button
  • added : [Infinite scroll] implement a new filters \'czr_infinite_scroll_handle_text\' allowing developers to replace the text \"Load more...\" by a custom one
= 2.3.4 October 7th, 2020 =
  • added : [CSS] add current theme version as CSS class to body tag
= 2.3.3 September 18, 2020 =
  • fixed : [admin] security issue
= 2.3.2 September 9, 2020
= 2.3.1 August 28 2020 =
  • fixed : [search icon] when displayed on the left in the main header, search field is partially hidden when revealed
  • fixed : [script][admin] loading failed for the czrSelect2.min.js
= 2.3.0 July 21st 2020 =
  • Customizr Pro has been successfully tested with WP 5.5
  • fixed : [compatibility with WP 5.5] adapt customizer color-picker script with latest version of WP 5.5
= 2.2.9 July 16th 2020 =
  • fixed : [Admin] possible PHP error in admin
= 2.2.8 July 16th 2020 =
  • fixed : [Theme check] adapt to latest additions by theme review team
  • fixed : [magnific popup] should not be loaded when ligthbox option is unchecked
  • improved : [performances] preload Google Fonts by default
= 2.2.7 May 30th 2020 =
  • added : [search form] on desktop new simple default mode for search form in header. Full screen search is optional in Customizing ▸ Header ▸ Design settings for desktops and laptops ▸ Search icon
  • added : [post metas] add a way to hook before and after
  • fixed : [post date] user defined date format is not taken into account when rendering dates
  • fixed : [comments] when using a plugin like wpdiscuz the comment link (in post heading) links to nowhere
= 2.2.6 May 14th 2020 =
  • fixed : [javascript] possible error due to missing underscore.js asset when \"lightbox image\" option is unchecked
= 2.2.5 May 14th 2020 =
  • fixed : [Javascript][plugin compatibility] including underscore in the main script can break other plugins
  • fixed : [slider arrows][mobile] next/previous arrows are hiding a significant part of the image
  • fixed : [Woocommerce][Gutenberg] products blocks don’t work
  • fixed : fixed [Post navigation][mobile] navigation words are cut out
  • fixed : [Search form] gutenberg search block style is broken
  • fixed : [TRT] add new required fields in style.css
  • improved : [javascript] make sure maybe deprecated $.browser exists before using it
  • added : [template][hooks] add new hooks before and after post heading title in post lists
  • added : [Font Customizer][performance] add an option to disable totally Font Customizer if needed
  • added : [Font Customizer][performance] added display=swap parameter to Google fonts to ensure text remains visible during webfont load
= 2.2.4 April 20th 2020 =
  • fixed : [Horizontal Menus] submenu expansion on click is broken
  • fixed : [Menus] make sure the cursor is a pointer for a menu item, even when it has no href attribute
  • fixed : [Lazy loading] images are not lazy loaded when dynamic content is inserted in the DOM
  • fixed : [Font Customizer] possible php warning displayed when generating CSS rules for line-height
= 2.2.3 April 15th 2020 =
  • fixed : [Mobile menu] regression introduced when improving mobile menu in last update.
= 2.2.2 April 14th 2020 =
  • fixed : [Mobile menu] on mobile menu, when the parent item has no href attribute, the submenu can only be expanded by clicking on the caret icon, and not on the parent menu item title
  • fixed : [Horizontal Menu] on touch devices, 2 touches were needed to expand submenus in horizontal menus
  • updated : [infinite scroll] \"Load more posts\" is replaced by neutral \"Load more\"
  • improved : [masonry] javascript improvements
= 2.2.1 March 26th 2020 =
  • fixed : retina display issue with Gif images
  • added : a new option to preload Google fonts. Disabled by default
= 2.2.0 March 19th 2020 =
  • fixed : style conflict with the Ninja Forms date picker
  • added : [performance] new options to defer Font Awesome icons and javascript in order to avoid render blocking issues
= 2.1.45 February 18th 2020 =
  • fixed : [javascript] potential breakage of front js when using a cache plugin along with masonry and/or infinite scrolling
  • fixed : [security] added rel=\"noopener noreferrer\" to footer credits external links to improve performance and prevent security vulnerabilities
  • improved : [performance] removed Vivus.js library and $.fn.animateSvg().Could also break front javascript when using cache plugins and that $.fn.animateSvg() was invoked too early
= 2.1.44 February 17th 2020 =
  • fixed : html markup errors when displaying post pagination
  • fixed : [Featured Pages] html error => missing space between data-color attribute
  • fixed : [Html] the \"navigation\" role is unnecessary for element
  • fixed : [Html] the \"banner\" role is unnecessary for header element
  • fixed : error when computing colors with rgb to rgba
  • improved : disable front page navigation by default
  • improved : [asset] update fontawesome to latest version
  • added : support for Viber link in social links
  • added : featured image in singular => added a new option allowing users to display the image in its original dimensions
= 2.1.43 January 31st 2020 =
  • fixed : removed support for HTML 5 \"async\" on main js script because of a potential conflict with masonry grid.
= 2.1.42 January 30th 2020 =
  • fixed : text on search button might not be visible on a dark background
  • improved : replace \"Search\" text by an icon on search button
  • improved : added support for HTML 5 \"async\"
  • improved : Post default layout should be full width for new users
= 2.1.41 January 27th 2020 =
  • fixed : text in search button can be truncated in sidebar
= 2.1.40 January 21st 2020 =
  • fixed : [Search form] current implementation can be misleading => added a search button next to the search input field
  • added : \"flipboard\" social network to the list of icons
= 2.1.39 December 23rd 2019 =
  • fixed : Improves security for links to cross-orign destinations (social profiles, footer credits) => Add rel=\"noopener\" or rel=\"noreferrer\" when relevant
  • fixed : display categories below the title when the post list layout is set to plain text full content
= 2.1.38 December 12th 2019 =
  • fixed : php error when inserting a WP gallery with Nimble WP editor module, which breaks customizer preview
  • fixed : missing vertical spacing for WP galleries inserted with Nimble Builder WP editor
= 2.1.37 November 27th 2019 =
  • fixed : broken style for caption of images and galleries when embedded as Gutenberg blocks
  • improved : removed unused files to reduces theme\'s folder size
  • updated : Nimble Builder admin notification
= 2.1.36 November 14th 2019 =
  • successfully tested with WordPress 5.3
  • improved : fine tuning of post/page navigation options, in particular for the case when home is a static page
  • improved : config page now provides child theme information
  • added : Viber icon to social links
= 2.1.35 October 22nd 2019 =