Welcome to Tomaja : new snippet author @Themesandco

Following last month (Oct. 2013) creation of the code snippets section with Dave, Andrei and Electricfeet, I am please to welcome Tomaja in the snippet authoring team.

Tomja defines himself like :

Enjoys in creating, customizing and managing websites, especially created with Wordpress and great Customizr theme. He also likes Open Source software, Sci-Fi and geology.

I am happy to see that the snippet section has quickly become one of the most visited and commented part of Themesandco.com. Those snippets really help Customizr theme’s users to go to the next level in terms of customization, with highly focused and easy to implement pieces of code.

Check out Tomaja’s first snippet here : rounding user avatars pictures. Pretty simple but I actually found it so cool that it’s been implemented it right away on this website!

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