How to exclude one (or more) skin(s) when using the “Randomize the skin” option

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Note: This snippet applies to Customizr(free) v3.4.9 (and above) and Customizr-Pro v1.2.6 (and above)

When using the “Randomize the skin” option you might want to exclude some skins to be taken in account.

Say you don’t like the grey based skins you can use the following code to exclude them.

add_filter('tc_skins_to_randomize', 'exclude_skins');
function exclude_skins( $_skins ){
  $_my_excluded = array(
  foreach ( $_my_excluded as $key )
    if ( array_key_exists( $key, $_skins ) )
      unset( $_skins[$key] );

  return $_skins;

As of now the available skins are:

black.css, black2.css, blue.css, blue2.css, blue3.css, green.css, gree2.css, grey.css, grey2.css, orange.css, orange2.css, purple.css, purple2.css, red.css, red2.css, yellow.css, yellow2.css

You can find them in your theme’s directory under inc/assets/css

or on the github theme repository.

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