How to display the Category/Tag description in a different place in the Customizr(-Pro) theme

By default Customizr(-Pro) displays the Category/Tag description after the title.
You might want to display it in a different place.
With the following snippet we’ll see how to display it below the posts navigation.

$term_description_filters = array(
//do not automatically show term descriptions below the title
foreach ( $term_description_filters as $filter )
  add_filter( "tc_show_{$filter}_description", "__return_false");

//show term description below the posts navigation
add_action( '__before_loop', 'tc_show_term_description', 0 );
function tc_show_term_description() {
  $description = term_description();
  if ( $description )
    printf('<div class="row-fluid term-description-container"><section class="term-description"><div class="archive-meta">%1$s</div></section></div>',

Take a look at the theme’s structural hooks to display it in different places.
For example, you might want to display it above the post navigation, in this case all you have to do is change the priority of the hook in the snippet above from 21 to 19.
What if you want to display it above the category/tag title?
You have to replace the __after_loop hook in the above snippet with __before_loop, and change the priority from 21 to 0 (or something < 10) and so on..
For a better understanding of the wordpress hooks system you might want to take a look at the great @electricfeet guide.

That’s all folks!!

Where to copy/paste this code?
Add it to your child-theme functions.php.
Everything you need to know about creating a child theme with Customizr here.