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How to display the Category/Tag description in a different place in the Customizr(-Pro) theme

By default Customizr(-Pro) displays the Category/Tag description after the title. You might want to display it in a different place. With the following snippet we’ll see how to display it below the posts navigation. $term_description_filters = array( ‘cat’, ‘tag’, ‘tax’ ); //do not automatically show term descriptions below the title […]

Changing the title of the categories archive pages

Customizr includes some useful filters if you need to customize your category archives titles.   Changing the default prefix : “Category Archives :” add_filter(‘tc_category_archive_title’ , ‘my_cat_title’); function my_cat_title($title) { return ‘My archives title for : ‘; }   Changing the heading of a specific category’s archives page Note : A […]