Disabling the comment bubbles in Customizr

Note :This snippet works only with the Classical style option. More about the theme style option here

UPDATE 22 April 2015: Added filter priority value greater than 10 to ensure compatibility with new Customizr and Customizr-Pro versions.

You might want to disable the red bubble displaying the number of comments, next to post titles.

Here are two snippets to do it :


1) Disabling comment bubbles everywhere

Note: You can disable the comment bubbles, or chose among two different styles, sitewide in Appearance -> Customize -> Content: home, post, grid, … -> Comments

2) Disabling comment bubbles only on home


Where to paste this code? => in your functions.php file. I strongly recommend to create a child theme. Download a start-up child theme here.

Everything you need to know about child theme with Customizr here.

Read How to customize the Customizr WordPress theme? if have never used a functions.php file in a child theme.


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5 thoughts on “Disabling the comment bubbles in Customizr

  • dre

    Love the theme so far but still learning a lot! Is it possible to move the comment bubble to always appear at the end of the first line of a heading? A lot of my post headings are longer and go to a second line which causes the bubble to overlap letters from the top line. Please let me know what code I can use to change this. Thanks!

  • Kate

    Hi there,

    Thanks for code snippet; I have tried both snippets in the style.css field in my child theme, however the comment bubbles remain.

    I would love some help, if possible? Please go easy on the technical terms…this is new to me!



      • Kate Wheatley

        Wonderful, thank you so much Nicholas. I reinstalled the child theme and I can now see the functions.php file (I couldn’t before). I must not have installed it correctly initially.

        I love the theme and all the code snippets available, thank you so much!

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