Changing the social link’s titles displayed on mouse hover

Note : the following code snippet requires advanced WordPress developer skills. There's no guarantee that this snippet works as is with the latest version of our themes, and with the latest version of WordPress. That's why you need to always test any code snippets in a staging environment before implementing it in a production site.

Here’s a quick snippet to change the title attribute of the social links that’s displayed when the mouse moves over the link’s icon.

By default, it can take two forms :

– for rss : Subscribe to my rss feed

– for the social networks : Follow me on [the social network]

Let’s say you want to switch to ‘our’ instead of ‘my’


Where to paste this code? => in your functions.php file. I strongly recommend to create a child theme. Download a start-up child theme here.

Everything you need to know about child theme with Customizr here.

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26 thoughts on “Changing the social link’s titles displayed on mouse hover

  • Trevor

    At some point the verb used for Pinterest was changed to “pin” as in “pin me on Pinterest”.

    To capture this one, just add the following line to the body of the original snippet.

    All together, it will look like this:

  • Anna

    hello Nicolas. I have a new question for you. I hope you know help me.
    I replaced the original link of my feed, with a different url that points to feedbunrer, since I use this to show my feed.
    the problem is that now instead of opening the link in a new page like other social opens in the same page of my site.
    how do i open the link in a new page in feedburner?
    I hope you will help me thanks

  • Philip

    Hey Nicolas,

    Great theme, much appreciated. I use Customizr with the Polylang plugin for a bilingual page. I also use the snippet above, so I was wondering whether there is a way to display the mouse hover text in the language that the user chose with the language selector in the menu.

    Thanks in advance!

      • Philip

        Thanks for the reply Nicolas. I used the article you referred to to set up my Customizr with Polylang, including the bridge-snippet, and all in all it works beautifully.

        I also read the other article “Changing the social link’s titles displayed on mouse hover ” in order to change the social links’ titles (from “Follow me” to “Follow us”), and it, too, works fine in itself.

        But even after re-reading the article you referred to, I could not find any mentioning of mouse-over-texts. To rephrase, what I am trying to achieve is that the mouse-over texts for the social icons are displayed in the language that the site is displayed in. Any ideas?

        Thanks in advance.

      • Philip

        To rephrase yet again: mouse-over titles for the social icons change their language just fine, as long as the snippet from “Changing the social link’s titles displayed on mouse hover” is not involved.

  • Michael Sneed

    I like this code.. nice and clear and actually very straightforward! Strangely enough I was able to change the Google + and LinkedIn text but the feed link text just won’t change:

    Code I used:

    Any thoughts maybe why I can’t get the feed link title to change?


  • Mike

    I think I just solved that – Here’s the reason it was not working for the RSS feed:

    “Suscribe” instead of “Subscribe”

    I guess the code was calling to replace “suscribe”, but because there is no actual “suscribe” to call-onto, it did not replace what it could not locate in the first place. Once I changed all instances of “suscribe” to “subscribe” (With the ‘B’), within the code, the snippet worked like a charm!

  • Mike

    I tried utilizing this snippet to change the “Follow my” and “follow me” – It seems to have worked for ALL social icons (EXCEPT) the RSS Feed, which still shows “Follow my” instead of “our”. I have deleted and re-added the snippet various times, and it always works perfectly for everything except the RSS feed. Any ideas?

  • Jennifer Wenzel

    Greetings! I was wondering if I can change the font in the header of my new Customizr site? I would like a prettier font for my tagline, and moving it to the left would be great too. Thanks!

  • Johnnie G.

    I’m trying to put the social links in a separate custom menu. Having a hard time figuring out the hooks and filters without the dev tools.

    Would you be able to point me in the right direction to find a hook/filter to remove the social-block and place it some where else or to override tc_render_menu()?


    • Johnnie G.

      I think I answered my own questions. Found this snippet that will help with removing the socials icons on

      This also helps me understand the Customizr filters a little more 🙂

      • Nicolas Post author

        Thanks for this feedback Johnnie!
        I will come with a “hook map” of the Customizr theme pretty soon to help users find the right filters and actions.

  • John Brzezinski

    For those like me, who need a bit more direction: I pasted this snippet at the very bottom of the functions.php file, after “new TC___;” and it worked like a charm.

    p.s. Thanks to Nicolas for his continued attention to Customizr!

  • Thierry Liu

    This is great, but how can we change it and keep the translation function ?

    Without these lines of codes, the “follow-me” is automaticly translated to the two other languages of my site, French and simplified Chinese (qTranslate) and your nice language bar. You can have a look here :

    Best regards.

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