Display a slider in the 404 and search pages

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Let’s say you have created a slider named “my-slider” and you want to display it in your 404 page or in your search pages. Since there’s no option to style those pages from the WP admin, you’ll have to code something.

Here’s a short snippet to do it.

add_filter('tc_show_slider' , '__return_true' );
add_filter('tc_slider_active_status' , '__return_true' );
add_filter('tc_slider_name_id' , 'set_slider_name');
function set_slider_name( $original_name ) {
  if ( ! is_404() && ! is_search() )
    return $original_name;
  return 'my-slider';//<= write the name of your slider here
add_filter( 'tc_customizr_script_params', 'tc_allow_slider_autoplay');
function tc_allow_slider_autoplay( $_params ) {
  $_params['SliderName'] = ( is_404() || is_search() ) ? 'true' : $_params['SliderName'];
  return $_params;  

Paste this code in the functions.php file of your Customizr theme or child theme.

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