Altering/adding footer credits

New ! in Customizr Pro, you can easily customize your footer credits in live preview. If you’re a Customizr Pro (versions < 1.2.5) user and for some reason you still want to use this snippet you have to disable the option “Enable the footer copyrights and credits” in “Appearance -> Customize -> Footer -> Footer credits”

To override “Designed by Press Customizr” link, put your custom credits inside the $credits variable (line 3).

To add a new line of links (Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality, etc…) put them (as html) inside $newline_credits variable (line 4).

Input your html (as instructed above) in the code below and add it to your child theme’s functions.php:

add_filter('tc_credits_display', 'my_custom_credits', 20);
function my_custom_credits(){ 
$credits = '';
$newline_credits = '';
return '
<div class="span6 credits">
    		    	<p> &middot; &copy; '.esc_attr( date( 'Y' ) ).' <a href="'.esc_url( home_url() ).'" title="'.esc_attr(get_bloginfo()).'" rel="bookmark">'.esc_attr(get_bloginfo()).'</a> &middot; '.($credits ? $credits : 'Designed by <a href="">Press Customizr</a>').' &middot;'.($newline_credits ? '<br />&middot; '.$newline_credits.' &middot;' : '').'</p>		</div>';

Note: Since you received this beautifully designed theme for free, please have the courtesy not to write “Designed by ” in your custom credits, especially if your contribution to its looks would better fit in the “Customized by” section. A few suggestions: Developed by * / Made by * / by * / Produced by * / web-dev: * or (who not?) Customiz’d by * (where * would be your link).

Note: functions.php of your child theme is NOT supposed to be a modified version of its parent theme counterpart. If unsure, please find out here how to add a child theme.

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