Altering/adding footer credits

Note : the following code snippet requires advanced WordPress developer skills. There's no guarantee that this snippet works as is with the latest version of our themes, and with the latest version of WordPress. That's why you need to always test any code snippets in a staging environment before implementing it in a production site.

New ! in Customizr Pro, you can easily customize your footer credits in live preview. If you’re a Customizr Pro (versions < 1.2.5) user and for some reason you still want to use this snippet you have to disable the option “Enable the footer copyrights and credits” in “Appearance -> Customize -> Footer -> Footer credits”

To override “Designed by Press Customizr” link, put your custom credits inside the $credits variable (line 3).

To add a new line of links (Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality, etc…) put them (as html) inside $newline_credits variable (line 4).

Input your html (as instructed above) in the code below and add it to your child theme’s functions.php:

Note: Since you received this beautifully designed theme for free, please have the courtesy not to write “Designed by ” in your custom credits, especially if your contribution to its looks would better fit in the “Customized by” section. A few suggestions: Developed by * / Made by * / by * / Produced by * / web-dev: * or (who not?) Customiz’d by * (where * would be your link).

Note: functions.php of your child theme is NOT supposed to be a modified version of its parent theme counterpart. If unsure, please find out here how to add a child theme.

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101 thoughts on “Altering/adding footer credits

  • Ronald

    As a newbie to all of this, is there a way to insert “All rights reserved” before the copyright mark and remove “Designed by Press Customizr” at the end of the line? Thanks for your assistance.

  • Rahman

    I have tried this snippet times without number on wordpress version 4.0.1. It doesn’t work.Is it only version 3.1.x that it worked for.

  • Rahman

    Hi Mr Nicholas,
    I need a link to the developer page in your documentation. the page contains some short codes for inserting buttons of different sizes, java script alerts, etc. I was on the page before but now I can’t find the link in your documentation. I need the page urgently for development purpose .

    Thanks in advance

  • praveen sharma

    hello, Mr. Nicolas
    i am using your customizr theme version 3.2.8. really a osm theme.
    i want to change the white footer code of designed by …
    so can u please guide me how can i change it.

  • Jimmie

    Hi, first of all, great theme, thank you. Im a beginner with wordpress and still figuring things out. However it seems that this information is not valid since the introduction of hooks api, am I right? I tried to create a child theme and do a filter hook to edit the footer credits but cant get it right. Do you mind helping out in modifying this code that is my functions.php to make it work? Thanks again!

  • April

    Hi Nicolas,

    Thank you for your cool theme! I have used the code to add one terms of use and one sitemap by editing the $credits and $newline_credits. It worked fine. Now the question is when I use polylang plugin to build multilingual site, only the default website name get translated through the polylang string translation tab, but the terms of use and sitemap remain in the default language(can not find from string translation tab) . Also I add “All rights reserved” right after the website name, that one also can not be translated. The code is below:


    My question is how can I get the “terms of use”, “sitemap” and “all rights reserved” translated, or shown on the polylang string translation tab? I have tried many different ways but all failed. Please advise.


  • chris james

    Hi Nicolas,

    I love the customizr theme and you certainly have my financial support. I see that someone has asked this question but i could not follow the answer given. Can you provide me with step by step directions on how to change the credits for the customizr theme in wordpress from my admin. I believe i start by going to appearance…

    Thanks in advance
    Christopher james

  • sajin

    Hi sir,

    There is no doubt that you have one of the best themes available in market which anyone can build without any development knowledge. I truly love it.

    I seem to have hit a small problem.. if you take a look at my site, in every page/post, there is a footer like this data-url=”…… ” rel=”nofollow”>.. it doesn’t look good.. could you please help me remove, please?

  • Marcin

    Hi, i have problem with change “Designed by ” on “Made by’.
    If iI change in this file: functions.pho my website vanishes.

    Please give me detalis how i can change.

  • charles

    I have implemented the code into my child theme functions.php. But it still being overridden by the original theme. I cannot seem to remove the “Designed by…” piece in the footer. THis is the only code in functions.php in the child theme folder:

    Help please!

  • James

    Hi there, first aof all tnaks for all your efforts for helping people like myself with no coding experience out. I was very impressed to find a theme i could use with my very limited knowledge. I’m afraid i went a bit far trying to follow your aboe instructions, i pasted the code snippet into the functions.php file and then when pressing the update button my site showed the error ;
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘add_filter’ (T_STRING), expecting function (T_FUNCTION) in /home/eastkil1/public_html/ on line 243

    i hit the back button and removed the code but on trying to to update again the error showed 🙁

    I know i should have just left it alone lol, i can’t seem to recover from this, i’ve downloaded the funtions.php file from the wp-content folder, not even sure if thats the right one. totally out my depth here. have no idea what went wron or what to do about it. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • James


      I’ve managed to get the site back to the way it was, I copied the funtions.php from the window i had opened into a new file then uploaded it and it’s back to the way it was. still wondering what i did wrong with the code above???

      • Nicolas

        Hi James, I am glad all went back to normal.
        Hard to say what was wrong in the code you have pasted, this could have multiple cause.
        For future references, if you want to go further in the theme customization, I would recommend to test simple pieces of code (like in this excellent WordPress Hook’s guide by @electricfeet). Once you feel more comfortable, then you can try to complexify a little bit!

  • Nakul Sachdeva

    Hi, i am trying to modify copyright info.

    what i have done is , i have copied the snippet and pasted under functions.php with my info

    i am getting an error message

    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘Bloomy’ (T_STRING) in G:\PleskVhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\functions.php on line 4456

    I really appreciate and thanks Theme & co.

    It will be a delight if you can provide a fix.

    thank you

  • spfa

    I love this theme and I am willing to PAY for it…. however I have tried everything to alter the foot and give the Press Customizr applicable dredit….However, I CANNOT get this to show up? Can the developer PLEASE make this easier? Please please please advise.

    Thank you!!!

  • MJc


    the theme is great and you are a genius to make it

    I did copy the code at the top of the page and paste it at “Add your custom css here and design live! (for advanced users)” section of theme

    but it responded with no changes why? please help i need to remove the copyrights line


    • Nicolas

      Hi MJc, thanks for your comment.
      This nippet code has to be pasted in the functions.php file of your theme. (or child theme).
      The custom CSS field of the customizer can only be used for CSS code.
      Hope this helps

  • Ana Castro lópez

    I purchased the customizr topic, I want to modify the footer
    · © 2014 Ana Castro López · Designed by Themes &Co ·
    written by Ana López Castro and link my name to my google + profile
    that code does not have to add or modify my file class-footer-footer_main.php (parts / class-footer-footer_main.php)

  • henry

    HI, can any one tell me where can I find the file that contains the above, so I can change the footer?

    footer credits

    thank you

  • Ruth

    Hello there, I really enjoy working with this theme. Thank you, thank you. However, I am having a very hard time changing the footer credits. I customized it in June and today I checked that is is back to the original foot credits. I tried every code listed here and did Not worked 🙁 I need help, please. I don’t know why it is not reading the code or what is going on. Thank you, for your help and for this amazing theme. 🙂

  • Belqadi

    Hello Nicolas,

    Thank you for the support!

    I need your recommendation please here as you are the creator of this great theme. I am using Google webmaster tools. I use Structural Data . I have many Errors on most of pages. The following ones I am speaking about:

    Error: Missing required field “updated”.
    Error: Missing required field “updated”.

    I read some articles online regarding How to fix that. But I am not in hurry to make any modification on any of my .php(single.php) to avoid any damage.

    Could you please advice me and the users of your theme to deal with issues please.

    Best of regards

  • Neeraj

    How do I add another option??
    For e.g>>

    · © 2014 DesCom · Terms of Service · Terms of Service

    How do I add an extra terms of service?

  • Aaron

    I’m revisiting the issue with removing the footer credit. After the latest theme update, the footer code no longer shows the credits and the href link.

    I’m not good with codes, but I would really like to remove the footer credit in favour of “powered by” or “produced by” etc.


  • Rik


    I want to change the footer too, but when i use the snippet in the functions.php from my child-theme, it shows me on my website only the code on the website like this:
    “add_filter(‘tc_credits_display’, ‘my_custom_credits’); function my_custom_credits(){ $credits = ”; $newline_credits = ‘My site’; return ‘
    � � ‘.esc_attr( date( ‘Y’ ) ).’ ‘.esc_attr(get_bloginfo()).’ � ‘.($credits ? $credits : ‘Press Customizr’).’ �’.($newline_credits ? $newline_credits.’ �’ : ”).'”

  • Belqadi

    Please help !! I just added the footer snippet on The Child php. When i wanted to update it, everything has gone ? I can only see blank website ! I can not see nothing when I put Anyone has a got a solution for this and why happened this ?
    Could someone tell me how to retrieve my website ?

    I welcome any immediate help for this issue. Please help

  • Andrei Post author

    This function enables you to add your own credits instead of the original one, keeping the same style. If you just want credits removed, here’s the code:

  • Duncan

    Hi Guys, a few of the forum posts point to this snippet about removing the “designed by” line and link altogether but I can’t see it anywhere here. I tried using the code as per the snippet and just leaving the two required fields blank, but that’s left my webpage footer unchanged:

    • Andrei Post author

      if you do not put anything inside $credits and $newline_credits the original footer is being used. If you want them removed, you need to put &nbsp; inside $credits, like this:
      $credits = '&nbsp;';

  • Bishal

    Hello Nicolas
    First of all i will like to thank you for making such a nice theme.I love your theme.I want to add customized by in footer .I have copied the above code and try to implement it but i am getting one problem.My problem is when i put a external link on customized by intead of displaying my external links. it is adding more things on the link. for e-g if the website name is and i want add the extenlink, while using the same code it displays the link like this
    I cannot figure it out what is the mistake. can u please help me.
    Thank u

  • Berry

    Hi Nicolas,

    First of all I love your theme! The thing is, I want to make a very minor change to the footer. I’d want the link for ‘Design By Press Customizr’ to open in a new window. Currently when people are on my website and click your link in the footer, it opens in the same windows and thus taken them of my website.

    Can you help me out?

  • ToniT


    I found this theme and fell in love straight away! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to amend the footer after hours of trying to understand CSS. Is there a code for using this in the Customiz’it ‘Custom CSS’ box?

    I tried:
    add_filter(‘tc_credits_display’, ‘my_custom_credits’);
    function my_custom_credits(){
    $credits = ‘ U Media Films‘;
    $newline_credits = ”;
    return ‘

    · © ‘.esc_attr( date( ‘Y’ ) ).’ ‘.esc_attr(get_bloginfo()).’ · ‘.($credits ? $credits : ;’.($newline_credits ? ‘· ‘.$newline_credits.’ ·’ : ”).’ ‘;

    but no luck.. 🙁
    Also, i installed via‘s 1click method. I’m not sure if this is the reason, and also i don’t seem to be able to access any CSS for the theme or .php files to do it in the way you described above.

    Please help?

  • Mia


    I’m struggling with working this one out!

    The only thing that I would like to change is “© Kinky Mia” to “© Kinky Mia (Incorporating Mistress Mia & Mia’s Musings” with the link going to “”

    It’s probably really easy but the more I look at it the more muddled I get!!!

    I would appreciate a little help please!

    Thank you!


  • Chris

    First off, thanks for this code and this theme, simply the best. Now to my issue. I used this snippet to customize my footer credits and changed the background color. For one reason or another I did it in the parent theme instead of the child theme. With the update the background color has reverted to “factory” settings. For the life of me after hours of searching I can’t seem to find the code I used to change the color…!!!

  • Sanza


    I am trying to add CUSTOMIZED BY ONEOFFICE in the footer. I have tried everything explained here but not working.

    I installed the CUSTOMIZR CHILD THEME and pasted the code above in the function.php file.

    It is still not appearing. Could anything be the reason?


  • Emelie

    Hi again,
    I have tried this a several Times now and still nothing happends, have deleted the functions.php file and created a new file and tried again. Still nothing! What is wrong? The code is the same as above in my earlier post. Did not get any answer the last time as promised. Best regards Emelie.

    • Nicolas

      Hi Emelie,
      I just re-tested the snippet and it works fine.
      If you are new to Customizr customizations, you might want to check the following pages :
      How to Customize Customizr WordPress theme? :
      Diagnosing problems :
      Ususal WP debugging :

      Hope this helps!

    • Andrei Post author

      I think I know why it’s not “working” for some people. They are trying to use it “as is”. Obiously, you need to put the html that you want displayed inside the $credits variable. Example:

      The $newline_credits allows you to put additional information there, on a new line, for example a Terms and Conditions link. Again, you need to use html. Example:

      • Emelie

        Oh, now i get it!
        Thank you!

        I did’t get that i had to use html inside! haha, i feel so stupid right now!
        Now i’m gonna test again!

        Best regars, Emelie

      • Emelie

        Hi again!

        Ignore my desperation posts! 🙂
        I tried to delete the child theme again and redid everything for the 3:d time. And now!, (for some strange reason) everything works!
        I really don’t know what was different because i did everything exactly the same.

        Thank you so much for your help!

        Best regards, Emelie

  • Doug Johns

    Like others I really appreciate the theme and am learning quite a bit however coding is not in the cards for me. I really don’t mind the credit line for the theme however when it says “designed by” it infers that the entire site is designed by themes & co also there is a link. I’d just like to change it a little but I’m afraid I’ll mess it up AGAIN !

    Oh well I’ll see if I can figure it out from what has been posted above… thanks again for a great theme !

  • Mary

    For someone who doesn’t need to create a child theme, etc., is there code that can be added to the Custom CSS box in the main customizing dashboard that can change the footer text? I just want to change that and the font, and that’s it. (That’s about the extent of my CSS knowledge, anyway.) Thanks in advance.

  • Mara

    Good morning!

    As a designer … certainly not a developer or coder … I LOVE this theme and I really appreciate the clear and very concise directions that helped me set it up in record time. My donation will be forthcoming;)

    I created the child theme using the plugin described and that’s all good … but …
    I’ve read and reread this thread … to alter the footer text … and for some reason (fearful coder) I just can’t wrap my arms around it. I don’t have a problem advertising your good work … all I really want to do is change Designed by Press Customizr to Theme by Press Customizr and maybe add a link to our site which manages it.
    I apologize for a duplicate ask.

    • Nicolas

      Hi Mara, I am glad you appreciate the theme and use it for your web presence!
      Here’s an example of code to change the credits line (just replace the example url and site name by yours) :

      Hope this will be useful!

  • Kristen

    I tried the above snippet in my Child php and now I receive this syntax error when you try to visit my site…I have removed all the changes and updated the file back to the way it originally was and there is still no change. Please help?!

  • Emelie

    Hi Nicolas,
    I have done every step to change the Designed by to my own “by ****”. But nothing happens. I also tried to make a new functions.php file and paste this snippet above in and my own “designed by***” again but still nothing happends.
    Is it because i haven’t put a link in? I just want text for now.
    Here is all that are in my functions.php file:

    add_filter('tc_credits_display', 'my_custom_credits');
    function my_custom_credits(){
    $credits = 'by Emelie';
    $newline_credits = '';
    return '

    · © ‘.esc_attr( date( ‘Y’ ) ).’ ‘.esc_attr(get_bloginfo()).’ · ‘.($credits ? $credits : ‘Designed by Press Customizr‘).’ ·’.($newline_credits ? ‘· ‘.$newline_credits.’ ·’ : ”).’ ‘;

    Hope you can help me!
    Best Regards Emelie

    • Andrei Post author

      You don’t need a link. Anything that parses as valid html shoud work. I didn’t keep up with the latest Customizr versions. I’ll put up latest version and I’ll test the function to see why it’s not working. Maybe the hook has changed, idk. I’ll get back with an answer.

  • roopakc

    Hi guys,
    I tried above but did not work for me. I downloaded free customizr child theme and then added this function in functions.php file where it says you can copy and paste your function here. Am i doing it right or do I need to create a new functions.php file?

    • Andrei Post author

      You should create a child theme, so your modifications do not get deleted when you update Customizr. If you do create a child theme and the function above is the only function you put in there, all you need is to create a new php document, write <?php on the first line, copy/paste the function from above on line 2 (or below) and save it as functions.php in your child theme's folder.

  • Jimmy

    I am new to wp & i have messed up my customizr theme, actually i was trying to add privacy link in footer page but some go deleted by me and now i m getting this error

    “syntax error, unexpected ‘Team’ (T_STRING) in C:\………\\wp-content\themes\customizr\parts\class-footer-footer_main.php on line 177”

    And now i am also not able to login into my wp admin panel it pops up the same error.
    Kindly let me know at solution for this with clear step.


    • Nicolas

      Hi Jimmy, you might want to re-upload a clean Customizr theme on your server via FTP, and your WordPress will be up again.
      As a good practice never edit diretly your theme. Create a Customizr child theme instead, this is much more safe!
      Hope this will help.

      • Jimmy

        Thank for you response.
        But what it did was i went in to the parallels login and replace that particular function with the correct one and that has worked for me.

  • Tihomir

    Thanks a lot Andrei
    I did exactly what you sad. Added the line 1 & function on line 2 and now works great.
    The theme is awesome. I have 400 hundred pages still working very fast. Planning to add 100 more.
    Thank you.

  • Tihomir

    Thanks for developing an awesome theme.
    There is a note in the beginning of the discussion under adding html cote to functions.php
    Functions.php of your child theme is NOT supposed to be a modified version of its parent theme counterpart.
    And am confused because
    later everybody discus creating a new functions.php file and adding it in the child folder next to css.

    How exactly to create this new file functions.php. I want to remove Designed by Press Customizr for security reasons. Not adding anything else.

    • Andrei Post author

      That note means you should not copy functions.php from customizr in your child theme folder. The functions.php of your child theme is a file in which you only add your own functions. If you don’t have any custom functions, it should be an empty php file, only holding the starting of php mode:

      So if you want to add the function above, add it starting from line two. To create any php file, you just write the code in a text file and save it as .php, with encoding set to UTF8.

  • afjsystem

    What if i want to add a text in tc_colophon_display ? of course, below the three (tc_social_footer_display, tc_credits_display and tc_backtotop_display) and not need using span4.

    please advise …

    • afjsystem

      hi Nick, i tried this filter code :

      but it’s wipe out the three colophon display (social_in_footer, tc_credits_display and tc_backtotop_display). and only shows the text “Disclaimer Text”.

      I intended to add the “Disclaimer Text” above the existing colophon display. please advice..

    • Andrei Post author

      This is what you should use:

      Use the .disclaimer-text in your custom CSS to customize the display of your disclaimer text.

  • Mark

    I’ve tried this in my child theme “style.css” file but it doesn’t work as is. How can this be edited for use in child theme file so I don’t loose it every time I update ?

    • Nicolas

      Hi Mark, this code has to be copied in the functions.php file of your child theme as it PHP.
      You won’t loose any child theme customizations on update. Only the parent theme files are updated.

  • Annette


    Thanks for developing an awesome theme.

    I have a problem implementing this. I’ve created a new functions.php file, and I’ve inserted the snippet. I’ve added . Still every single time I’ve saved this absolutely nothing happens to my sites footer.

    I’ve put my new “Made by” within the ‘ ‘ on the 3rd line.

    The functions.php file is placed in the same folder as my child theme’s style.css. Is this correct?

    If I could just alter the “Designed by” line into my own “Made by” line, I’d be extremely happy.

    Kind Regards

    • Annette

      Furthermore, this snippet, started by is the only coding within this new functions.php. Is there some other code I need within my functions.php?

  • Carlisle

    Thanks I did just that. I created a new functions.php file and that did the trick. I think I had previously copied the functions.php file from main theme into my child theme.

    Appreciate your help. Have a great day.

  • Carlisle

    First of all thanks for all the hard work that you must have done with this theme. Being a newbie to CSS, WordPress and Bootstrap, I sure have learnt much.

    With reference to changing or overriding the “Designed by” – could you please explain where this could be altered? Every time I attempt to do this, my page crashes and I have a child theme using the child theme functions.php.

    I assume this is where the code will go? Or does it go into the footer.php?

    Many thanks

    • Andrei Post author

      This snippet can go anywhere inside your functions.php of your child theme, provided that two conditions are met:
      1. It should be inside php mode (php mode is started by <?php and ended by ?>.
      2. It should not be inside the body of any other function. (Make sure it’s not inside the accolades of any other function.

      Sometimes, php files exit php mode with a final ?>. functions.php is a pure php file and does not need to exit php mode before end of file. Besides, if you have anything (even empty space, tabs or line-breaks) after exiting php mode your site will crash. So it’s much safer to just delete the ending ?>.

      Another possible reason why this doesn’t work for you might be the fact that your child theme’s functions.php is a copy or a modified copy of the parent’s functions.php, which is completely wrong. Please read documentation of how to properly create child themes. If you still can’t implement this please open a topic on theme’s WP support forum and I’ll further assist you.

      • Aaron

        I would like to re-visit this issue of removing footer credit once more. As you can see from the codes that I cut and paste below, they’re so different from the standard solutions to removing footer credit. I couldn’t even locate the word “credit” in order for me to do anything to overwrite the section where it says “designed by Theme & Co”.

        I would appreciate if your guidance on this issue, as it has been bothering for months. Many thanks in advance.

        <footer id="footer" class="”>

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