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I'm the designer who's been told by coders "It can't be done". So I taught myself coding and did it. Learned CSS, PHP in the process and fell in love with WordPress. Meeting Customizr really meant a lot. Not only have I found an awesome theme, but it also made me want to start giving back, in return for all the times I've been helped myself.

Add content below slider

Add this function in your child theme’s functions.php add_filter(‘tc_slider_display’, ‘content_after_slider’); function content_after_slider($html) { $after_slider = ”; //Put your HTML inside this var return $html.$after_slider; } Your HTML code goes inside the $after_slider var, in between the single quotes. Please note that the HTML you input must have all single quotes […]

Add content above featured pages

Method 1 : with an action hook This will add a two column block before your featured pages on home. add_action(‘__before_main_container’ , ‘my_content_before_main_container’ , 0); function my_content_before_main_container() { if (! is_home() || !is_front_page() ) return; ?> <div class=”container”> <div class=”row-fluid”> <div class=”span6″> <h2>This is a big title</h2> </div> <div class=”span6″> […]