13 thoughts on “Adding content before and after the logo with CSS only

  • konstantina samara

    Well yes because I have being trying to make it change position. I will delete that but any suggestion of how can it work? It didnt work originally.

    thank you for this suggestion 🙂

  • brian slater

    Hi Nicolas,

    I love your theme so far. I am having a little trouble however getting my logo to go beside the menu block as it is shown in the example. It keeps going above the block by itself in the top left. If you could please help me get in beside the block on the left I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.


      • siestaj

        I would like to see this information as well. Having the logo and the menu block on one line – the same way you do on the customizr site looks great. I am using grey.css and I see:

        Is this what makes the logo higher than the menu items in the navbar?

          • Nicolas Post author

            Hi Konstantina,
            You have been pasting some PHP code into the Custom CSS which is not good. You might want to delete this!

            • konstantina samara

              Hello Nicolas, I have now removed the additional code could you please help with the logo position next to main menu?

              Best regards

  • Roy Martin

    I would like to add an address and phone number under the logo.
    when adding this code to the custom css area nothing changes. I am wondering if I am missing something or if there is a syntax error. Could changes to the core CSS have disabliled this feature?

    Thank you very much for you work on this theme.

    • Nicolas Post author

      Hi Roy, you ll need to “escape” your backslashes with another backslash. In other words , ad anoter backslash as follow : content : \\”(505)-000-6239 \\”.
      That should to the trick.

  • Dawn

    I would like to add a logo in this space as well as the social media and the menu options. So if you go to my site, where it says at&t authorized dealer, I would like to add the official logo in its place. Is this possible?

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