Release note for the Nimble Builder version 1.4.6

Dear Nimble Builder users,

This new release introduces a simple lightbox option to the image module and a “quick link” in the admin bar to allow a faster access to live customization with the Nimble Builder.


Simple lightbox option added to the image module

The lightbox effect when clicking an image is a common feature on the web. It enlarges the picture while dimming out the rest of the content.

Nimble Builder lightbox option for images

Nimble Builder quick link in the admin bar

A new quick link has been introduced in the admin bar in pages, posts, and terms, to allow a direct access to live page building with the Nimble Builder.

Quick link to Nimble Builder in the admin bar


Quick link to Nimble Builder in the admin bar


Minor bugs have also been fixed. You’ll find the full changelog at the bottom of this post.


Upcoming features

WordPress variables

The next important release will include a simple way to display WordPress contextual variables in your pages. As for example the title of the post. Variables can be included wherever you can create textual content with Nimble. The syntax will be to wrap the variable between double braces. Like this for example: {{the_title}}

This will pave the way for a simple template system for your pages. The workflow will be to create a page template, save it and reuse it another page, or for all your pages.

New pre-built sections

New pre-built sections are being designed for the next important release : for features presentation, testimonials and team.

Reusable sections

In the upcoming important release, you’ll be able to save and reuse sections anywhere, with a new save icon added to the section menu.

Reusable templates

We are working on a templating system allowing users to save entire page templates, and apply them on a by-page pasis to other pages, or to all pages.

Recently introduced features

Double-click insertion for sections and modules, in addition to the usual drag-and-drop

– Support for keyboard shortcuts to undo and redo, with the usual ctrl + z and ctrl + y.

– Header and footer customization ( beta )

– Menu module ( beta )

– Widget area module ( beta )

A parallax background option

The parallax effect has becomed quite famous in web design. It basically creates the visual impression that the background is moving slower than the other page elements, which is a good way to create eye catching section content.

You can see a live demo of the parallax effect on the first and last sections of this page.


To enable it in your sections built with the Nimble Builder :

  1. move your mouse over the desired section, open the section menu, and click on the settings icon
  2. Check the parallax option in the background settings of the section
Enabling parallax for section background with the Nimble Builder
Enabling parallax for section background with the Nimble Builder


How to try the beta features ?

  1. Open the live customizer, and navigate to the Nimble Builder > Site Wide options
  2. Open the Beta features accordion, and check the box
  3. Publish and refresh the page

Header and footer customization

The Nimble Builder allows you to build your own header and footer, or to use the active theme’s ones. You can create a header and footer that you’ll apply site wide, and then set it on a page basis when needed.


We have added 2 new simple pre-build sections, one for the header with a logo placeholder, and another for the footer, with a simple 3 columns layout.

New modules : Menu and Widget Area

With the beta features enabled, you’ll see two new modules. The widget area allows you to insert a widget zone anywhere, and then use the WordPress widget in it.

The menu module let you pick one of your created menus, or the default WordPress page menu.



Changelog for v1.4.6

  • fixed : when no stylesheet file has been generated on front, the fallback hook to print the inline stylesheet is not defined.
  • added : [Image module] implement a simple lightbox option
  • added : an admin bar “quick link” to edit a page, post or term with the Nimble Builder.



The Nimble Builder documentation is constantly improving. Let us know if you would like us to add an article or a guide on a specific topic, we’ll be happy to include it to the knowledge base.

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