Release note for Nimble Builder v1.1.8

Dear Nimble users,

This is the release note for Nimble Builder v1.1.8.

You can now speed up the load time your pages built with Nimble sections by deferring the loading of the images. Only the images visible by the visitors are loaded, the other images being revealed just before becoming visible when scrolling.

The option is disable by default. It can be set activated wide, or for each individual context in which you’ve included Nimble sections.

Activating this option can really improve the performances of your website, in particular on mobile devices.



New option to lazy load images


You can test live examples of Nimble sections integrated with the Customizr theme here, and with the Hueman theme here.


= changelog for Nimble Builder v1.1.8 =

  • improved : performance improvements with new options to lazy load images
  • added : an admin page for Nimble Builder, to display the system informations
  • added : a dismissable update notifications in admin

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