⚡️ Hueman v3.5.3 and Hueman Pro v1.2.3 : new option to display the full post content in grids + performance improvements

The latest version of Hueman Pro and Hueman introduces a new option to display your posts in full-content when using the classic grid layout.

Hueman classic grid

Two new performance options have also been added in the customizer to limit render blocking issues. This is the first step in a series of performance improvements that will be added in future versions.

performance options in Hueman


Hueman themes have been successfully tested with the upcoming release of WordPress ( v5.4.0 ).


Changelog for Hueman Pro v1.2.3 and Hueman Free v3.5.3 :

  • fixed : [mobile menu] clicking on an anchor link that has child submenu should unfold the submenu
  • improved : [Header] banner image => make it easier to adjust width automatically
  • improved : [performance] load flexslider.js with defer
  • improved : [performance] removed smoothscroll option and script
  • updated : [javascript] flexslider.js to v2.7.2
  • updated : [javascript] mobile-detect.js to v2.8.34
  • fixed : [performance] flexslider.js can be loaded on blog page even when featured posts are disabled
  • fixed : [CSS] prefix .pad class more specifically to avoid potential conflict with plugins
  • fixed : Use the child-theme version when enqueueing its style
  • improved : [asset] update fontawesome to latest version ( current is 5.5.0 )
  • added : [post lists] introduce a new option to allow full post content to be displayed when using “standard” grid
  • added : [post lists] introduce a new option to allow hide the post thumbnails in post lists
  • added : [performance] new option to load main script with defer mode
  • added : [performance] new option to defer loading of FontAwesome to avoid blocking rendering issues


Child theme developers :  some templates have been updated to change a CSS class previously named .pad to .hu-pad, in order to avoid conflict with third party plugins. The diff reports are available on Github here and here.

Hueman free and pro are 100% compatible with the latest version of Nimble Page Builder.


Recently introduced in the Hueman theme

Better control of the post metas ( categories and post dates ) in post lists.

post metas visibility in grids

Better control of the display of the featured image on singular posts and pages.

Better control of featured images

New options for sidebars allowing users to customize the topbox default texts “Follow” and “More”.

In Hueman Pro, you can now set a minimum height on mobile devices for the full width slider.

This can fix text overlapping problems when viewing the site in landscape display on Iphones.


Better support for images and galleries inserted with the new WordPress editor.

Better integration with the Nimble section builder

We have recently released a simple yet powerful section builder named Nimble Builder plugin.

Nimble is a free section builder intended to be the content creation companion of Hueman.

The plugin allows you to drag and drop pre-built sections, or create your own sections in live preview from the WordPress customizer. You can easily create column layouts, and add content like buttons, icons, Google maps and even contact forms in any page.

You can see a live example of Nimble sections in the Hueman theme.

You can easily install it from your WordPress admin, in Plugins > Add New.

We are currently working on a knowledge base to help you getting started with the plugin, but you can take a quick tour of the Nimble Builder plugin in action, in the WordPress live customizer, on the screenshots below.

Creating a page with 3 pre-built sections



The search button is now displayed in tablet devices.



The footer credits now uses parsable tags like {{year}}


Filtering of the blog page posts by category

You can access this new feature in the live customizer > Front page content.

Then scroll down until you find the option named Apply a category filter to your home / blog posts“.

You can select one or several categories to filter your blog page posts.


Nested menus can now be expanded on mobile devices

The option is available in the live customizer > header design > header menus, at the bottom of the option panel.

You can test it in action in the live demo of Hueman.



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