Hueman theme v3.3.8+ : introducing a new mobile menu and sticky sidebars

Dear Hueman theme users,

The version 3.3.9 of the Hueman theme introduces an enhanced mobile menu and the long-awaited sticky sidebars. You can give it a try on the Hueman theme demo website.

Child theme users : some new template parts have been added for the header ( see below ). No core function has been removed or renamed but you might need to update your custom child theme header templates with the new ones.

This release has been successfully tested with WooCommerce V3.0.


Important note : if you are using a cache plugin like Total Cache or Super Cache, you will need to refresh your website’s cache after the update to v3.3.8.


New mobile menu

The mobile menu is now revealed on scroll up  and collapsed on scroll down in a non obtrusive way.

The hamburger button has been redesigned to be thinner and with an animation on click.

You can select the design ( and roll back to the previous version if you want ), and select which menu will be your mobile menu from the customizer live panel in Header > Design or Menu > Menu Locations


Sticky sidebars

The default behaviour of the sidebars is now to glue ( or “stick” ) on top of the page, making them permanently visible when scrolling up and down. This is useful when a sidebar is too tall or too short compared to the rest of the content.

Improvements have also been brought to the expansion and collapse behaviour for mobile devices.

You can control the sticky option in the customizer live panel, in Content > Sidebars, either for desktop, mobile or both.

If you install the Hueman Addons plugin, you can of course control this behaviour on a page level.


Developers : new header template parts

With the introduction of the new mobile menu, the header template has been modified in parts/header-main.php, and two new sub templates have been added : parts/header-nav-main.php and parts/header-nav-topbar.php.


Changelog for v3.3.8 and v3.3.9

  • fixed : update flexslider to the latest version #427
  • fixed : topbar width when global layout is boxed
  • fixed : the topbar menu should be the page menu if not set in preview demo mode
  • added : a new section header menus in the customizer
  • added : 2 new options to enable sticky menu on desktop and on mobile
  • added : 2 utility boolean functions hu_is_topbar_displayed() and hu_is_header_nav_displayed()
  • added : 2 new options to control the visibility of the header widget zone
  • Imp: avoid woocommerce3.0 warnings on use of deprecated functions
  • fixed : home layout not applied if static home page choosen
  • fixed : prevdem mode should be turned off when user starts customizing
  • fixed : user defined WP core settings like show_on_front should be preserved if customizing in prevdem mode
  • fixed : don’t wrap logo in h1 tag
  • added match Media polyfill
  • updated the parallax jquery plugin => added a matchMedia option set to ‘only screen and (max-width: 768px)’ by default
  • added tmpl parts/header-nav-main.php
  • added new hamburger menu markup, css + js
  • improved : mobile menu slide up down using jQuery built-in methods
  • improved : display a default page menu for topbar in prevdem mode
  • improved : use the real template path in function hu_get_content()
  • improved : only dispay the social link notice if user is_super_admin()
  • added : utility hu_print_mobile_btn() used to render the mobile buttons in the header
  • added : animated mobile menu button
  • added : mobile menu style customizer option
  • removed : dynamic style option. Dynamic style is now applied for each option as soon as the user change the option to a value different than default.

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