Introducing Featured Pages Unlimited WordPress plugin v1.17 4

The Featured Pages unlimited WordPress plugin v1.17 is now available with a new option allowing to select the shape of the thumbnail and the effect on hover.


Shapes and effect dropdown



Below is a screenshot of 4 squared featured pages by line, with flat random colors enabled and with expand effect on mouse hover.


Example with 4 squared featured pages by lines with expand effect on hover



Many minor improvements in the code and some compatibility issues with WordPress plugins and themes.


I hope you’ll enjoy this new version !


= Full Changelog of v1.17 : November 5th, 2014 =

  • added : (php, class_front_fpu.php ) new hook for fp location : ‘tc_fp_location’
  • fixed : (php, front/classes/class_front_fpu.php ) added compatibility with JetPack photon
  • updated (js, holder.js) version 2.4 of the script.
  • improved : (php, class-fire-ressources.php) performance : holder.min.js is now loaded when FP are set to show images
  • improved : (php, js, css) All js and CSS resources, in admin and front end, are queried with the version number parameter in wp_enqueue_…()
  • improved : (js) In customizing mode, jQuery plugins icheck, stepper, selecter are loaded only when necessary. For example : ‘function’ != typeof(jQuery.fn.stepper) => avoir double loading if a plugin/theme already uses this $ module
  • improved : (php, class-front_fpu.php) Edit Featured Pages button is displayed if is_user_logged_in() AND current_user_can( ‘edit_theme_options’ )
  • improved : (php, class_front_fpu) tc_set_fp_hook is now a callback of template_redirect instead of wp_head
  • added : (php, class_front_fpu) fpc_random_color_list to filter the random color list
  • added : (php, class_front_fpu) new option to choose the shape and effect of the featured page thumbnail

4 thoughts on “Introducing Featured Pages Unlimited WordPress plugin v1.17

  • Reply

    Hi Nicholas!
    I bought the plug in a year ago. I am very happy overall. My issue is that suddenly the paragraph on my pages are losing the spacing. In other words, the text appears all together. I am not a pro. I am a business owner. I searched and found .
    I added to the pages. It works but then it gets deleted and I don’t know how or why.
    Please help. It is very frustrating.

  • Reply

    Hello Nicolas,

    Thanks for you great Theme, i enjoy to discover day by day all the work you made on it. You put inside all we need to build a modern site.
    But I have not your knowledge in PHP and CCS so even if i understand time after time what a function do, there’s too much functions to remember all. Exemple I would like to change the property color of the part on the page who’s name is :

    for many pages of the site in the same color and i saw that for pages where articles are post by categories that not the same code i have to choose.
    I was thinking with a function like that it could work :

    I tryed this function on my child-theme but all the them fall down.
    I think the idea is good but not parametters.
    Can you help me please, may be have you some documentations about how to change the colour of the article container?
    Thank’s for all your job,
    Nice to read you again,

    • Reply

      Hi Michel, thanks fo this nice comment, really appreciated :).
      About your reported issue : I try to maintain this website as clear as possible for users and the current post is not appropriate to do the kind of support your are requesting.
      Would you mind posting all your support requests in the Customizr support forum ?
      I will do my best to help and it will benefit to everyone.
      Thanks !

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