Customizr WordPress theme v3.1.24 is live

Changelog :

= 3.1.24 Septembre 21st 2014 =
* fixed : (php, class-fire-init.php#393 ) check if defined( ‘WPLANG’). WPLANG has to be defined in wp-config.php, but it might not be defined sometimes.
* fixed : (php, class-content-slider.php) the slider loader block has been taken out of the carousel inner wrapper. Fixes the issue reported here : The slider loader is diplayed by default for the demo slider.
* added : (php, class-fire-init.php) new option in Customizer > Images => checkbox to display a gif loader on slides setup. Default == false.
* added : (php, class-content-post_navigation.php) 4 new filters to get control on all the options of the single and archive post navigation links : tc_previous_single_post_link_args, tc_next_single_post_link_args, tc_next_posts_link_args, tc_previous_posts_link_args
* improved : (php, class-fire-utils.php#315 ) cleaner code for the fancybox filter on ‘the_content’
* improved : (php, class-fire-ressources.php) performance : holder.min.js is now loaded when featured pages are enabled AND FP are set to show images

21 thoughts on “Customizr WordPress theme v3.1.24 is live

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    Naseem Ansari

    hello Nicolas…
    I have used the theme and face the same problem. When install the theme then my system doesn’t working anything. Plz, help me.

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    Niloo Ranjan

    Customizr is a nice and free responsive wordpress theme. I am thinking to try it out on my website which is a website dedicated to QuickBooks support. Would it suit the layout of my website? Would it make my website run any faster and is it compatible with html5 video plugin? I am having a lot of issues with this plugin and my theme and the speed of my website is too slow. Would it make any better to use this theme for my website, please advice?

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      Menaka S

      Customizr suits the needs of most websites. As to the speed of loading websites and plugins, you can do a trial run and check it.

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      Because the theme is not “officialy” live yet.
      Themes updates always have to be verified by a WordPress theme admin reviewer before the release on the repository.
      Since there’s a growing number of themes + many WP developer were at the WordCamp San Francisco this week end, the process takes a little bit longer. But you still can download the new version here.

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    Dear Nicolas, ALL
    I have created my site on Version: 3.1.24
    Can I upgrade to 3.2.1 easily without disrupting the work done so far?

    …if yes, I have downloaded the new Version: what shall I do now to “transfer” my site onto the new Version?

    Thanks in advance!

      • Reply

        Hi Nikeo
        Thanks for your reply…
        I tried on different computers and mobile devices last weekend. Didn’t work on computers but worked on mobile devices. It is working today but the sliders stuck from time to time. What do you think the reason is?
        Your theme is awesome!
        Many thx

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    vishi sharma

    Hi Nicolas,thanks for reply.I told u,what i’ve done step by step.Firstly i create a home page & featured page for my website with slider, then created a post page named Blog.When i set the Blog on post page,the Blogs should be display on my home page which is a static front page,but it does’nt.If the home page is latest post display, all Blog show, but my home page is now another page.what i do?Please help me.

    soory if its not appers,i dont know, how to take screenshot.

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    vishi sharma

    I recently download the customizr theme.i want to set the blogs on my static front page as Home with slider & featured page.i know about set the post page as blog & front page as home in static front page but it does not work.if i set the front page as latest post,in this case the home will be another page(/home/).i m stuck in this prob before i start to make website.could anyone please help me as soon as possible? sorry for my English & Thanks for this fantastic theme.

  • Reply

    Dear. Nicolas. You made the best template. Please. Open acount on Webmoney. I want to donate (Paypal isn’t allowed for my Country). Thanks and Good Luck 🙂

  • Reply
    Siobhan Lynott

    Dear Nikeo,

    I have recently started using your template and i seem to have changed something around the front page images? Can you help?

    Kind regards,


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