Hueman v3.2.0 has been released 50

I’m pleased to introduce the new version of the Hueman theme !

In v3.2.0, we’ve introduced some cool new options and improved the code under the hood.


Important speed improvement : loading images on scroll

A new option has been added in Global Settings > Performances and SEO. It is disabled by default.

This option can really improve your page load time, in particular for mobile devices.

Instead of loading all the images of a given page from your server, which can be very heavy and slow, the theme will load only the necessary ones. The principle is simple, when the option is checked, the theme retrieves the visible images when the page is first loaded. Then the other images are displayed on scroll up or down, depending on your starting position.



Related resources :


Smooth Scrolling

This new option makes the scrolling experience much smoother. The best way to see it is, well… to try it 🙂

The options is enabled by default. If you ever want to roll back to the regular scroll, you can disable this option in Global Settings > Smooth Scroll



External Links icons

This is a simple feature allowing users to indicate with an icon that a link refers to an external website. External means that the link is not targeting the current domain or a subdomain of it.





Font Awesome icons can now be dequeued if already loaded by a plugin

Following a user request in the WordPress forum, we’ve decide to include the usage of the Font Awesome icons in a separate stylesheet, that developers can dequeued if needed. Typically when a plugin is already loading this set of icons for example.

The WordPress handle is ‘hueman-font-awesome’ for this stylesheet. The code to dequeue it would be :


I hope you’ll enjoy this new release !  🙂

Please report any issue you might have on the theme forum.


Safe for child theme users

No critical update is needed for developers using a child theme of Hueman.

However, this version introduces 3 new action hooks located in the header.php templates, that might be used in a near future. If you are overriding the header template in your child theme, I would therefore recommend to update it to the latest version.

Here are the 3 new hooks of the header :



= 3.2.0 September 2nd 2016 =

  • fixed : Enqueue Font Awesome instead of using hard coded @font-face rule in the stylesheet (issue #273)
  • added : new option to enable a smoother scrolling. In Global Settings > Smooth Scroll
  • added : new option to automatically add an icon next to external links inside the post content. In Global Settings > General Design Options
  • added : new option to improve the page load performances : smart image load. In Global Settings > Performances and SEO
  • improved : (php) better format for the ‘title’ tag with wp_title filter
  • added : (php) plugin compatibility for image smartload, for buddypress, jetpack and ultimate resp. image slider
  • improved : (js) better front end framework
  • updated : Font Awesome icons to version 4.6.3. SnapChat added to the socials.
  • Hi,
    thank you for this new version.

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      You’re welcome 🙂 Glad you like it

  • Thank you for this new version. 🙂

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      🙂 thx, glad you like it

  • thank you very much for new version of hueman.

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  • Thank you for the updates

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  • Media Center Fan

    merci Nicolas, j’utilise Hueman depuis mes deux mois de blog et j’adore vraiment

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  • SK

    Thank you. I love your your theme. I installed your theme in my blog and never changed it. It’s a great theme.

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      Cool thx!

  • presscustomizr

    Good point, thanks for asking.
    No critical changes needed.
    Simply 3 new hooks added to the header.php template (see the new chapter about this in the release note).

  • presscustomizr

    OK interesting yes. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • alexZM

    My site needs alot of space for content column so I can add charts, videos. Is any way that I can adjust the width of the middle column(content)? to 650px.


  • iKapoy

    I need Feature image show up on Single page or Single post.


    • presscustomizr

      This feature is currently in the nice to have list. It might be included in a future release.

      • iKapoy

        Thanks im really need it included because when have new release ill put it manualy every time.

  • presscustomizr

    OK Thanks for reporting the problem Jerry. The dev team is working on it.
    We’ll do our best to fix it in the next release.

  • Jael

    Hi Nicolas, thank you so much. Love, love this theme

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      Thanks for your appreciation Jael

  • Does Hueman theme supports WP Slider? I installed it on my website and all the slides in the posts are gone, stead the series of continuous images is there.

    • presscustomizr

      Hi Roman, what is WP slider, a free plugin on the repository ?

  • presscustomizr

    Hi Pranav,
    Is this issue related to the v3.2.0 ?
    Can you please report the problem with as much detail as you can on the forum :
    This way we’ll be able to replicate the issue and fix it.
    Thanks !

  • Alberts

    I just installed the Hueman theme. The theme is great, but the comments section is not showing up. Comments are showing up, if I enable any other theme.

  • Menaka S

    Thanks. Glad that you like it.
    -On behalf of Nicolas and his team

  • Razvan T. Coloja

    Thanks for this new version. Could you please tell me how could I change the titles on the main page to be H1 instead of H2?

  • presscustomizr

    Thanks for the feedback. We’re studying this possible enhancement.

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    Thanks Etienne !

  • Renata Albuquerque

    Thanks for SNAPCHAT icon! 🙂

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  • Hey!!
    Great update and thanks for maintaining this amazing theme. I have a question. How do I remove the “Published on” thing and I just want to show the “updated on” for the date.

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    I really like this theme! thanks for the improvements! 🙂

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  • Thanks for the new version and continuous support. The theme is awesome!

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  • Great that you inform the theme users in a that detailed way. Makes it easy to handle my child theme.

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      Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad it helps

  • Guido Nietmann

    I having hard times trying to show news from different categories… something like category 1 – 3 to 5 news – category 2 – another 3 to 5 news from another category… and so on. Is there some easy way to do this?

  • Prostate Belt Twohelp Mississi

    Is it me or was there once a theme options button under the appearances button

    • Menaka S

      It is still there. Click on Appearances->Customise