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  • Austin

    Thank you very much for this. It is what I’m looking for. I only have one question. Is there a way to make this post full width and above the sidebar? I’m thinking along the lines of below the header. maybe using something like __after_header, but I’m new at this, and don’t really know php that well. Any pointers? Thanks -Austin

    • Nicolas

      Hi Austin,
      We are about to add a feature to Customizr allowing you to do this from the theme customizer (appearance > customize).
      Stay tuned!

      • Manuel

        Hi Nicolas,

        thanks for your awesome theme! I would like to know if this feature (last one post in full width and for example the 3 next post in small width) is available. I couldn’t find it in the customization options.

        Thanks, Manuel

          • Manuel

            thanks for reply. I saw your demo and is exactly what i need, but i can’t make it works. I enabled the option “Expand the last sticky post (for home and blog page only)” but not working.

            the post need to have specific category or something else I’m missing?

            The configuration is:
            customize -> content home,post,.. -> post list :
            Maximum number of posts per page: 4
            Select the length of posts in lists (home, search, archives, …): excerpt
            Excerpt lenght: 50
            Grid layout
            Number of column: 3
            Expand the last sticky post (for home and blog page only): YES
            apply the grid layout to home : YES

            Thankyou very much.

          • Manuel

            Hey, sorry!!! I understood the problem! the post have to be “STICKY” in publish option! ooops! thanks again!!! cheers 🙂

  • Lee Maxwell

    Hi Tomaja,

    I’ve applied your snippet above as it works exactly as expected on my postings page ( http://www.commercialrc.ie/news/ ).


    I’ve got a static home page (see ‘News’ widget at commercialrc.ie) and I’d like the colour to change there too. I had expected the snippet would change the colour in both places.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks (btw I’m an amateur wordpress user and I think Customizr is fantastic).


  • Brian Armstrong

    Hi Tomaja,

    I have a question related to this topic – I see that this code will let you change the background color of the latest post, my question is how can I change the background of a specific post. For example if I want to create a post and make it sticky, do you know how I would be able to change the background color of that post? I’m hoping the code would be similar. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

    • Brian Armstrong

      I found the answer to my own question. Here is the code to change background color of a post item on your blog page

  • Harald

    how can i only display ‘featured posts’ on the start page?
    how can i define a post as ‘featured’?

  • tomaja Post author

    Hi Samuel,as far as I know Customizr theme uses default WordPress […] for end of excerpts, not “See more” or “Read more” links. Anyway. when I need something like “Read more” link I usually use this function in functions.php file (always use child theme functions.php):

    Now you have new .read-more class, so you can easily use css to remove it from display, like:

    If you can share link to your site, it could be much easier. There are few other options to remove it too. For that you can check Codex page

  • Samuel Carlos

    Hi Tomaja! Nice to be writing to you man!

    I really need your help !

    Let me explain my little problem to you!

    All my posts are showing one message like this at the bottom of them “See more”, in all of posts we can see that.

    My question and request is:

    How can I move it away from there because I just don`t want it there and just don´t need it there as well?

    Is it possible?

    How to do that please? teach me please!

    Thanks in advance,

    Samuel Carlos

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