⚡️ Nimble Builder Pro introduces masonry grids

The latest version of Nimble Builder Pro introduces a new masonry grid set of options to the Post Grid module.

This new features allows the creation of truly beautiful grids, and let users control everything : number of columns by devices or fixed column width, space between columns and rows, padding, rounded corners, shadow, background, ….

Nimble Builder uses latest CSS grid technology which makes the masonry grids extremely lightweights and fluids on any devices. You can see several live examples on the following pages :

You’ll find a detailed documentation about Nimble Builder masonry grid on this page.

Recently introduced

Clone items in multi-items modules

Nimble Builder introduces a clone icon next to the items in module like slider or accordion. All properties of the cloned items are copied, which greatly speeds up the design experience.

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Starter template picker

This new features allows you to pick pre-built templates, and save and reuse your own templates.

Site templates

Nimble Builder introduces a site building feature allowing you to define site wide templates for all contexts of your WordPress site.

Nimble Builder includes a library of starter templates but you can create and use your own templates. For example, you can define a 2 columns template for all your pages, and use dynamic template tags like {{the_title}} and {{the_content}} to render content elements.

Save your sections and reuse them in any page of your WordPress website.

Documented here :https://docs.presscustomizr.com/article/417-how-to-save-and-reuse-sections-with-nimble-builder

SEO : Integration with Yoast SEO and SEOPress


Compatibility with Membership plugins

Nimble Builder is compatible with some of the most popular Wordpress membership plugins :

New set of options to greatly improve your page load performances

nimble builder performance options

Learn more about the new performance options in this release post : https://presscustomizr.com/major-performance-improvements-for-nimble-builder-2-0/

Lazy load images in carousel for faster page load time

lazy loading slider images

Video background for sections and columns

Nimble Builder now supports video background for sections and columns. You can use self-hosted video like mp4 format from your media library, Youtube and Vimeo videos. The feature is documented in a new documentation article : How to create a video background with Nimble Builder WordPress plugin ?

🎁 Nimble Builder now includes a wonderful carousel builder !


🚀 Significant speed improvements in Nimble Builder version 1.8.7

New module for your Social Profiles

You can now easily add your social profiles with a neat new module.

Global text options

Nimble Builder now includes a new set of Global Text options for text content, links and headings, allowing you to define default font families, font sizes, colors, etc, for Nimble sections site wide.

Those new options are located in the Site wide options panel

New “About us” pre-built section

See it in live demo here.

About us section

Post Grid module

Documentation here : How to add post grids to any WordPress page with Nimble Builder ?

Export / Import

Documentation here : How to export and import templates with Nimble Builder ?

Rich text editor for the heading module

Revision history : preview and restore

There’s a new option to preview and restore a revision from the revision history. You can now select a revision from the drop-down list to preview it. You can then restore it by clicking the Publish button at the top of the page.

Custom CSS classes to elements

This was a recurring request in the support forum. You can now add custom CSS classes to elements.

and also :

Header and footer customization

Nimble Builder allows you to build your own header and footer, or to use the active theme’s ones. You can create a header and footer that you’ll apply site wide, and then set it on a page basis when needed.

We have added 2 new simple pre-build sections, one for the header with a logo placeholder, and another for the footer, with a simple 3 columns layout.

New modules : Menu and Widget Area

With the beta features enabled, you’ll see two new modules. The widget area allows you to insert a widget zone anywhere, and then use the WordPress widget in it.

The menu module let you pick one of your created menus, or the default WordPress page menu.


Nimble Builder documentation is constantly improving. Let us know if you would like us to add an article or a guide on a specific topic, we’ll be happy to include it to the knowledge base.