Customizr code snippets

The Customizr WordPress theme is entirely built on an extensible WordPress filter and action hooks API, which makes customizations safe and easy, without ever needing to modify the core structure. To some extents, the theme’s code acts like a collection of plugins that can be enabled, disabled or extended.

The following snippets can really help beginners and advanced developers to extend the Customizr core code and create any kind of websites. You’ll find snippets in the following web coding languages : CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP.

If you are not familiar with the WordPress hooks API, I really recommend that you start with this quick and easy guide : WordPress Actions, Filters, and Hooks : A guide for non-developers.

Happy customizing 😀 !

Remove Post/Page Navigation (CSS)

Where to copy/paste this code? The simplest way is to use the Custom CSS section of the customizer option screen. […]

Searching the WordPress Users Forum

We’d probably all agree that searching the Forum can be a frustrating task. Certainly on my wishlist for improvement. @ElectricFeet […]

Altering/adding footer credits

New ! in Customizr Pro, you can easily customize your footer credits in live preview. If you’re a Customizr Pro (versions […]

Center the logo

Add this in your child theme’s functions.php: add_filter(‘tc_logo_text_display’, ‘your_logo_display’); add_filter(‘tc_logo_img_display’, ‘your_logo_display’); function your_logo_display($output) { return preg_replace(‘/brand span3/’, ‘brand span10 offset1’, […]

Move/Hide Post Images

Customizr introduced built-in feature changes in v3.3. Go to Customize>Content>Post lists. The following code supports v3.1/3.2 You may wish to […]