Best Free Wordpress Themes

Best Free Wordpress Theme

Best Free Wordpress Themes

We are happy to report that three new websites rank the Customizr Theme among the best free wordpress themes available for download. We appreciate everyone who reviews our themes, whether that is providing constructive criticism or outright praise. But, we must admit, it feels nice when it is outright praise. Below are three teams that had nice things to say about Customizr.

Just Free WP Themes

As the name suggests, this site reviews various free themes available for Wordpress.

Best Free Wordpress Themes

In addition to providing top marks, Just Free WP Themes, highlighted the following aspects of the Customizr Theme that they love:

  • Makes it easy to connect with site visitors
  • Perfect responsive design for mobile users
  • The trust that comes from the theme powering over 100,000 dynamic destinations

Beautiful Themes

We are thankful to have Beautiful Themes recommend our theme to their users with 4.5 stars. We think they said it best: If you are looking for an easy to use WordPress theme that gives a professional look to your site instantly, then Customizr will be the perfect choice.

Beautiful Themes had a lot of positive things to share about the Customizr Theme

  • Highly Customizable
  • Excellent user experience on any device
  • No coding or design skills required
  • Compatible with popular plugins to enhance functionality

Is It WP

What we appreciate most about this review is that one of their biggest concerns was that the theme had too many options that it could prove difficult to navigate. That is a concern that we can live with as we do our best to try to provide as many tools for website owners as possible.

Best Free Wordpress Theme

Is It WP discussed the following features they liked:

  • Highly Customizable
  • Focus on Speed and Performance
  • Ability to creates Sliders and Grids
  • Extensive Documentation and Support


Customizr has over 4 million downloads and we appreciate JustFreeWPThemes, Beautiful Themes, and IsItWP for highlighting some of the reasons why. Most popular are the high levels of customizing that can be accomplished with ease, responsive design for high performance on mobile devices, and design options that allow even the novice to create a develop site in just minutes.