= 3.0.3 =
* added : german translation. Thanks to Martin Bangemann from www.humane-wirtschaft.de  !
* changed : default option are now based on customizer settings
* fixed : reordering slides was deleting the slides

  • Jun


    Is there any way I can put external links on call to action button? I would like to point it to my affiliate link not just to other page/post.

    Please help.

    Thank you

  • Hi there –
    I had the same problem – and I wanted to link to one of my other sites in the slider link
    Could not find any solutions so I had a work around using a plugin called Simple Redirect Plugin

    Then Create a Post in WordPress and call it whatever you want –
    In the sidebar there will be a new menu option – with 3 Options
    – Disable Redirect
    – Existing Page Post
    – Custom Url

    Choose Custom URL and add your external link in there
    Then When You edit the image for the slider and the call to action link
    You can call that Post that you created for the redirect and save it
    You will find that it works fine


    • Hi Hamant, with the next coming version, v3.1.1, it will be much easier to do that with specific filters.
      Stay tuned and enjoy Customizr!